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The Saudi government and the secretary of state when he was down there appear to be taking their word for it. It is. It is starting to sound like no matter what the Saudi government says, this White House, this administration sort of taking their word for it and Anderson we should point out. That's not why we don't go back to the comparison have on that is not where a lot of Republicans are up on Capitol Hill right now. Lindsey, Graham Senator from South Carolina who was on board with president, Brad Kavanagh is not when it comes to the Saudi government and he wants to see the Saudis give more answers than what they're giving right now. Anderson. Yeah, Jim Acosta priest from the White House. Thanks again, our breaking news raises the question of whether this new account of disappearances a true one or a cover story. And the president's handling this is of course subject unto itself here to talk about all of it is Mike Duran, senior. Rector of the national Security Council under President, George W Bush former c. i. officer, Bob Baier in Washington, Post columnist max boot. Recent author of the new book, the corrosion of conservatism, why I left the right mex-. It seems like there's two separate issues here. There's what the US should do about this, which maybe we'll get to a little bit in a moment, but just in terms of what actually occurred and trying to aspertain what actually occurred. I'm the Saudis, their initial story clearly was not true. They were. They were saying, this man left the the the and they had no knowledge of what happened to him after that. It seems like that that has changed. Do you buy this notion? If if their story is going to be that this was a an interrogation that just went bad that a guy die while being interrogated. Does that make much sense to you? Given what we know thus far about who some of these people involved were? No, I mean, this this cover up doesn't make any sense Anderson. It's clear that the Saudis have been lying like crazy. And they're trying to figure out how to get out of it and they're floating. These lame cover stories claiming it was an interrogation. I got out of control as if it's okay to kidnap and torture a journalist, and that's somehow makes makes it just fine or claiming that it was road killers when we know that the people who are involved as was just being reported or actually very close to the crown prince. I'm b. s the only thing that's more incredible than the Saudi cover stories is the fact that Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo are pretending to believe what the Saudis are saying. I mean, this is the most embarrassing appeasement of a dictator since the Helsinki summit in July Mike. In your opinion, does it make? Is it possible that the crown prince Mohammad bin salon, who is the power who had detained people in the Ritz Carlton, you know, Saudi officials, even some members of the Royal family for some time would not have had knowledge if in fact, some people involved in his close protection detail. One of the top forensic surgeons in the country who's affiliated with the government was involved in this. I would find it unlikely, but I would also like to notice skepticism about everything that we've heard because most of our information about what what happened there is coming from the Turkish security services and Turkey has very bad relations with Saudi Arabia and his crew using this to get gained some advantage over them. I think the the Saudis probably played into their hands in in this regard, but I don't think we know exactly what happened inside the consulate. I, I think that I think that's absolutely true. And and you know, they're the some of the stuff is publishing a pro Turkish government newspaper that reporting about the the the, you know, the the apple watch Bobby discounted that or early on as being probably some sort of cover story for perhaps Turkish intelligence bugging the the consulate, Bob, the reporting from the New York Times, at least several of the suspects were part of the crown prince's entourage. Is there any scenario in European Underwood's the crown prince would know what happened Anderson? No, he runs the country. He runs the police, the ministry of interior, the security services, anybody who's not loyal to him has been removed..

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