Mickey Ferguson, Alabama, Nancy Pelosi discussed on Memphis Morning News


Mickey Ferguson over at Fox 60. What's happening for this Thursday morning? How about making hay We're looking at, uh, dry conditions out there. J T look for high today. Little warmer than yesterday. Close to 93 degrees this afternoon under mostly sunny guy tonight Close down 73 a few clouds overnight Tonight and tomorrow Partly cloudy for your Friday There is a 20% chance of showers tomorrow so that I could even in impact some folks going to Friday. Football games. Very, very slight Chance of showers with high near 91 degrees tomorrow from the W B R c first alert Weather Center. I'm Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's morning here Right now we do have clear skies in 78, NewsRadio 1055. We're all feeling the weight of covert 19. But for kids in poverty around the world, things are becoming desperate. Join compassion International and provide for a family in poverty. Make your one time $40 gift text hope 283393. 6 23 his Alabama's Morning news. I'm J. T Boy, the elitist attitude of Nancy Pelosi strikes again here in her little rich area in San Francisco, where she lives. There's a hair.

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