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The Titans the the winners from divisional weekend and we were in Santa Clara for the game on Saturday and I'll tell you what I look I'm not complaining I'm just saying I don't know how I got out of bed this morning yeah I hear you because I felt we lying on the flying all night Saturday in a real like I was on a drenalin all day yesterday watching the games and then as soon as the last game ended like I didn't know I said to my wife I don't know what's wrong with me I'm either really really tired really really hungry a lot of both or about to die I'm really not sure what's going on right now I went to bed and then I could wake up I had a similar thing you're right I well well yes we're all messed up our body clock whatever it is but yeah yesterday I'm with you I flew on adrenaline as well but was ready to pass out when the game is over and I was in a coma this morning right when the when the alarm went off I was like no way is it five thirty already but awesome games yesterday I mean come on that Texans chiefs game that was on real and then to cap it off with with Lambeau field cold weather Russell Wilson Aaron Rodgers it was a good day it was easy to stay awake and have fun watching those two games and I want to get right to we're gonna be praising Aaron Rodgers throughout the show because he had multiple throws that were flat out off the charts old school phenomenal yeah moves around like a guy ten years younger than he is the things he did yesterday were are as impressive as anything he's ever done and I'm saying all of that because it's setting up the big concern I have coming again I'm gonna get right to it yeah last hour I I took some time to get to my my main criticism and look you know I feel about the Seahawks have been big supporters of what they do Russell Wilson's great Pete Carroll's great yada yada but here's what's bothered me this morning about that game and the Jimmy Graham thing is going to provide the Seahawks some cover for this because everybody's gonna be yell at a criticizing servers not seeing the whole idea of the spot right right let's forget about that okay good about that three minutes and twenty two seconds left in the game right Russell Wilson gets sacked by Preston Smith the Seahawks have the ball on their own thirty six fourth eleven yeah three twenty two three timeouts two minute warning down five and it's Russell Wilson who was playing almost as well as Aaron Rodgers and maybe as well as Aaron Rodgers doing vintage Russell Wilson things I heard some quotes for of Packers players after the game they said it was like trying to chase a chicken in a yard with no fence that they you know in and that's the end you see defensive lineman all the time get frustrated because they just can't get Russell Wilson fourth eleven Chris here's how we can get into the analytics and the probabilities in the statistics and if you do this then what are the chances of this to its fourth eleven and you have Russell Wilson they have Aaron Rodgers you have three timeouts there's three minutes left in the game how how does it take anything more then a knee jerk automatic thought of course we're going for here we're not going to plummet to Aaron Rodgers what we've seen what Aaron Rodgers done all game we're not stopping Aaron Rodgers we're trusting our guy you trust your guy against green bay's defense over Aaron Rodgers against your defense every day of the week don't you well yeah yeah I don't think it has to come down to that first off Pete Carroll the defensive coach Mike we've seen him do this a lot the whole year right he's not what doesn't make it right now it doesn't make it right but I do think there's logic here I don't think it's totally stupid you know yes where he's at twenty eight twenty three okay you know I think Charles looking out to go and all right but if its fourth eleven and we don't get the first down yeah they're gonna kick a field goal there to golf by eight who knows how much time's going to be left all right then we're gonna have to go down and score a touchdown two point conversion he aired on you know I don't like my chances of converting on fourth eleven they've been doing a pretty good job of pressuring Wilson you're right Russell Wilson's magic man but I think he went my defense just made a stop you know more than likely Green Bay is going to throw the ball on first and second down and I think Pekao just open Hey it's going to come down to one pie and I hope my defense on a certain third down can make that type of stop and they didn't do it the thing okay you right right right okay yeah it's going to come down to one play yeah right if it comes down to one play I won't Russell Wilson for that one play not my defense trying to stop Aaron Rodgers in his own building that's the thing we can complicate the analysis all we want but it comes down to believing in your guy over believing in their guy and their guy and your guy are both to the best in the league and I just think when you have the ball and and it's a five point game and there's three minutes left and you've got Russell Wilson and they've got Aaron Rodgers I don't care about analytics there and I understand and there's all those layers and levels to where the analyst I would buy the analytics I mean what I you know again we don't know but its fourth eleven to the analytics as of the percentage of probably you know getting the first down there and converting have to be very low as well exactly but but that's what but those numbers are all generated week in and week out with a a wide variety of quarterback her art Russell Wilson you've got you've got a guy who is making more money than anyone else in the NFL right now you believe in him yeah by virtue of what you're paying yes and he and and Pete Carroll said after the game Russell was was phenomenal tonight he did everything he could to win the game right there's a point where you just have to say you know what we've got the guy to do it all those analytics are based on a bunch of steps and and a wide swath of quarterback from good to bad and everything in between we've got one of the best and we trust amid fourth eleven and by the way if we give the ball back they've got one of the best well yeah I guess and and I guess my concern here okay listen I I know I mean you're not crazy I think the eleven part is the big issue like if it was fourth in a you know if he doesn't take the five yard sack that doesn't happen and it's fourth in eight or less I think you go sort but I also think we got to take into account to that he's also looking at it like okay this is a defense of coach this is a guy who wanted to seep super bowls playing through his defense so this is what he thinks and he thinks about that he always has faith that they're going to make this stop and you know that's the that's kind of his MO I I also think he's got a to come into play and like to what you're saying with their Roger still all right is just go in yeah all right maybe they have a third Nate now are are a third in whatever you know backed up let's say Russell Wilson them went for don't get it now what if Aaron Rodgers does that he is that guy I like your mention he does a touchdown on one of those third down ways what if they're right there by the red zone on that third down play any there was a similar route to divide dance band touchdown game over so I think he looked at it like all right I'm either going to have to score a touchdown a two point conversion or man Rogers is pretty good maybe there was a touchdown and just like put the dagger into somewhere done or I can punt the ball and rely on my defense and maybe a stupid play call or a really conservative wimpy call by a Green Bay to maybe do it I I listen I hear you it's a tough decision Russell Wilson was unbelievable yesterday I feel like we reversed in time where you know a few years ago Russell Wilson had defense and run game to help them and it was Aaron Rodgers doing everything by himself that was the opposite Aaron Rodgers got a little defense and run game to help him and I wanna be like man can anybody on Seattle do something besides Russell Wilson he was on real yesterday what he did he carried that team and you know unfortunately they just don't have enough offense and it's all it always comes out you all gosh we're down by eighteen let's just what Russell fly now and it's like well it's too late you're down by eighteen at Lambeau field this is too much to overcome I hear your point but I don't think I'm gonna sit here and at this rate and be totally mad at Pete Carroll there here is the and we showed the highlights the first clip we showed was Russell Wilson get bottled up in the backfield squirting through and running for like twenty five yard yeah I I JB that I well maybe the plot maybe the play call would be in that fourth eleven send everybody deep have Russell take three steps back and Russell just go get us eleven yards it's Russell Wilson that's that's my my I get your point here I yeah you and I and this is where and I think there's a place for analytics but you have to remember who you have and who they have when you're running the numbers through the computers like if you've got Lamar Jackson it's very easy to be got see on fourth and three fourth and four and if you've got Russell Wilson and and really the list of quarterbacks that you would trust to get you fourth eleven with the season on the line is not a long one and Russell Wilson is on that list his nothing to crea and this and maybe this helps further explain why Pete Carroll is a defensive coach throughout the second half there were moments where I'm wondering do the Seahawks realize they're down eighteen points yeah like the urgency wasn't there there are stout drive that they after it went to twenty eight to ten take a lot of time taking a lot of time and on that play when they decided the pot fourth eleven yeah the play ended with three twenty two on the chloride they punted they they got the snap off with two forty one that's a lot of time that bothered me Mike I'm with you there I saw that that when we okay we're putting the ball let's let's upon it and get the show on the road here you're right there that a lot of a lot of clock run off now to the bigger point of what you said Hey we talked about this over the weekend right you know I I had brought up on me or sit in the van going over the going over them the forty Niners stadium Hey the Seahawks are scary you know I had this conversation with my buddy Kyle Shanahan a few weeks back about the Seattle Seahawks where yeah it's just like they don't care how the game goes they play the Seattle Seahawks MP Carol to give Russell Wilson the ball on the last drive of the game they just want to be okay let's see except when they pot when a pun on fourth down he didn't like it on board that eleven I think they're still but you're right I get you I know I know it but but that's the way they play right Mike we saw it even in the in the week seventeen game against the forty Niners they were down by fourteen the fourth quarter they were still stopping the ball with two in three seconds left on the play clock they're scary that way they have no fear and Russell Wilson of course is a magic man so I bet that's what they do and I'm not gonna be matter number that I hear you with the punk thing and I did that the fourth eleven is debatable I get it I think if I was the car I would have done what he does did too I would probably pundit try to get my defense to get the stop get Russell the ball one time see where it goes from there but I think the questions are it's a good debate and I had a good conversation.

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