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Real honest depiction of the eye and the reason he can't do it is because he met with the queen guys the liver the survivors the cut here friday anna now i don't know the names are at okay but they said laird yeah well that's half the story and he said what he means his will after he died we kept going and we want to tell our story and the he could buy equipment by their story unless you know their rights held their stores nobody cares which no one would ever imagine a movie that with its halfway through eddy merckx a free mercury deisel queen is playing somewhere tonight weaned wants him to tell the story i mean there's a there's still active banned i dunno if they're actor but they were active for years africa another leasing i i don't know they have other things and i don't never ever remember saw their big hits our freddie every song know it's pretty dark you're right i don't and he's hit as an unbelievably talented saying outside be queen fan i wasn't either but when i was a little kid that yet they are the champions we played in the locker a wage world made a big for our generation i would say yeah that other at the guy could sing racing respect either like like their one of those groups i think people are really be that like the a good on by opec though sure yeah but they he he gave up he said it was ready to do it i gave up because they since he was playing really story of the band not of the singer it's no good care is a great song place out which in my police place i come on mount trebevic continues to zaire play the samis these is 25 minutes away thickest these searches play for steve which your three and hour to come back our three which is next model play all oh man oh man oh man a donald and later this afternoon they'll.

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