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Year. NFL veteran who announced his retirement after the bills wildcard loss at Houston. Lorenzo Alexander. Renzo thank you very very much for taking time today much appreciated. My pleasure fishers own Adam. Well here's my question for you. How does a guy who is an undrafted drafted free agent in two thousand five? That goes to training camp with the Carolina Panthers with nobody in Carolina expecting much of anything have long. NFL career that just winds up now where he's a two time pro bowl player the defensive mvp of the two thousand seventeen pro bowl played in the final title. Ninety six games of your career the second longest active streak among linebackers. Before your time on Saturday. Five Time Walter. Payton man of the year nominee including get your last three seasons in Buffalo. How does all that happen? Drafted free agent from five. I mean in my mind is only God's house blessings and and what I mean by that is he's put Great people in my life. You know really starting to at an early age and I have my father's house but he tried them all. Steve Foods my coach coach really played that role and create a great foundation in from there. I can name numerous coaches and players that really poured into my life. My career's headed handed off. The field. probably highlighted probably by Danny special teams coach in Washington. and also run the Fletcher. I had opportunity play with your washing for quite a long time but amongst those men there were many of these Just really helped me out and I think from my perspective was I really grew up in those first couple of years. Because I think like most NFL athletes. You've been the man your whole life. The whole life visit me. I didn't get drafted so that was worse than that in the face and I got a couple of times and so that really may motivated. Ovadia meal really gave me a different perspective on what I needed to do to raise my game professionalism to another level in order to give myself an opportunity just to get a chance to get on the A C or make the team and so with that I took advantage of it And again just always trying to stay coach always trying to learn and try to grow each and every single year a year even as I made the transition to multiple position and just never got complacent at route was at because I saw a lot of guys come in with a lot of great talent but didn't end Achieving what they set out to do so I tried to take note of those things learn from mistakes and not make it my own and also taking things from my God. Like I say they your money Fletcher at Your Car Williams Just list goes on and on with guys all save caliber guys even issue with Frank Gore that you get to be around and learn from and so I think good. That's what Really allowed me to take you know a very humble beginnings almost no chance no shock ever make it and turn it into a fruitful and productive reductive NFL career. I'd say and you mentioned some incredible men. There Larry Fitzgerald London Fletcher Frank Gore examples of professionalism. Analyst is about and this year Lorenzo. There will be a bunch of players who go undrafted. What would you say to the guys who go to training camp camp without being drafted who are long shots? What would you recommend to them willing to make the team into an NFL career? So there's two Beta stays because You know obviously I've had a lot of guys had mentioned some guys and from my own experience I would say One check your ego because you no longer the man Dan You have to humble yourself and and and the great ones that you see. Do it So you need to be comfortable because what your college or high school is not necessarily GonNa work at this level or awesome at a total different technique. That you want you to learn. That's going to be conducive to their system. Or whatever they sound guys be successful throughout their coaching career And then number number to take care of the things that you can control Don't walk in there with an entitled mindset of what you would maybe gotten away with in college as far as maybe being late not working out to your full potential Maybe missing some classes have been a little Lazy as far as your mannerisms and how you approach your tasks that your coaches ask ask transcend ask you to do whether it's Rehab or lifting weights Approach like a professional. Like you would want somebody to treat you like the people that are working for you show up all the time one hundred percent effort do extra ask questions figure out the why and then talk to vetter leaves that are in that locker role with and try to you. Know get an indication of what allowed them to play seven eight nine plus years and lead and Really become their shadow. And if you're able to do those three the things is definitely going to increase your chances of making that team because oftentimes is coaches coaches. Want the best players. Don't play on Sunday. They won't guys that they can trust left because obviously their job is at stake too and live and die with production player so if you can gain their trust they're going to give you an opportunity and then it's up to you at that point you take the skills and the skills that they have have helped you with they make the most of it. So what led you to retire at this point time because it certainly looks like you could still play Lorenzo. You had twenty four sacks the last four seasons they still count on you as a leader. I mean you're thirty six years old. You probably could've kept playing if you wanted. Why retire now I think it comes a point. Everybody's career we really sit down and do a self evaluation of where you're at As far as professional career they weren't you had as far as life outside of football and for me Family I hold in very high regard. I've been married for twelve years in January. We take we have four beautiful kids and and and because of the blesses football is giving me is giving me a lot of freedom or bell playing football financially relationships ships as far as other avenues. I WanNa do and All the reasons at this point to come back and play for selfish reasons to continue the field my passions advised vides far as being a football player. You know to feed my ego but as far as people recognize it as sociology with being NFL linebacker. And so the reason why I really stepping away. So it's the play a supportive role in my family Really be there with my kids and be able to do at a high level quality of life Because I house as you said I'm thirty six you start playing thirty seven thirty eight in the way I play through the Kennedy. You continue to put yourself at risk obviously additional head issues news Concussions C. T. and then also You know knees hips auto little things that people tend to take for granted you know because right now this this past season it's hard for me to wrestle with my sons. Go out play. Whom for this? You know mess around because I'm sore grumpy and I don't WanNa be like that so it really was a just taking a self evaluation of what I want to be. What I think is really important especially at this age is I have kids in the House at eleven nine and five and because I have an older daughter is in college I know it goes by extremely fast and so I want to be there and really enjoy these these These glory days of being there in of their childhood And I don't know if you've got to see my daughter perform national answer. But she did an awesome job so I just want to be around fast in those moments in their lives whether I literally hoops literally football or My daughter acting and being at her place and not be able to miss any of it. So that's kind of rhyme at and Al Ed in the stage of my career and top of that they you know enjoy The foods that me and my wife have sacrificed for the last fifteen years. And they'll they'll be able to travel a little bit they've got some time It really just grow in Have some increase memories away from the game. Good for you on all those things. I got a couple things that you said that just triggered immediate thoughts from you. Lorenzo number one. You said your daughter with the national anthem doing a great job. Did she say me after that. I miss something on Saturday when she started the national national anthem so my wife had kind of indication that this is the most likely to be our last year or so back in June. She team My youngest daughter Zoey would would would be able to sing the national anthem. And so she bay surprise me We play the jets. My last home game with her singing the national anthem and there was a beautiful thing my teammates. He makes two years and so it was just a a cool Atmosphere in a An experienced a half you know. Have One of your children sing the national anthem and do such a great job in Boston. I didn't even know that she's saying that is an unbelievable thing. I thought you meant in Houston on Saturday to the wildcard game. And I'm like I didn't see a five year old girl. Okay good okay. So we're good there and that's an unbelievable way to go out and your final regular season game now. Here's another question you mentioned. You have a daughter in college lick. So you're six years old. How old were you when you became a dead? I became a dad when I met my wife when I was twenty four and I my wife Dr from the previous relationship but I don't differentiate let somebody asks me. But that's that's how I have a daughter that's twenty four and I'm thirty six by the same thing armor. Yeah I married a woman who had a child with a man who lost his life unfortunately tragically at nine eleven. And I don't think of him as my steps and I think it was my son or your daughter. I'm sure exactly. That's that's how we operate that that's the way to go. So what you mentioned all those things a lot of family time. Is there anything that you want to do professionally speaking still in the next chapter of your life. Yeah there's some things I definitely have opportunity to. Do you know since I've been look up. I'll definitely kind of branched off into the broadcasting world Done a lot of BDO JUST TV or radio. And I really enjoy that obviously keeps you around the game engaged about Bill goes additional relationships and I continue to do something at least speak about something that I love. So we'll see what I do. Something Phoenix There's several other outlets out out there. That are have a chance to at least have anything with You know probably really start down here at immediate role during the Super Bowl So I'm looking forward to that as well then I have some other things think I would do with my foundation for their kids as well while vomit these transition processes well so Couple of things on the horizon and kind of have to take time handed out and for those who don't know you establish the Aces Foundation. Were your mission is to support you through emphasizing accountability taking on the community striving driving for educational excellence while.

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