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Lavonia Redford Dearborn heights maybe you're out in west Bloomfield maybe that Keigo harbor area what about our brothers. And sisters friends the. Ministry up in Pontiac thanks so much for being there to us. In today listening to this broadcast and staying with us maybe you could make that ninety eight dollar donation right now maybe you have a friend. A prayer partner perhaps someone with whom. You attend. Bible studies on. A, weekly, basis. Maybe it's, co, worker someone with whom you, can, partner, to. Split that ninety eight dollars and. A half you give one part they give the. Other part eighteen children receive food and Christian education as a result of you working together with. Someone else that you're partnering with. In, Christ to bring hope. To, these children, in war, torn Lebanon that's right. War torn Lebanon a place that's beautiful A place that has beautiful people. A place that you read about in the scriptures but folks Lebanon's hurting. Right now it has seen better days and. If there is a hope for, days that get better it's. Going to be because people have? Faith. Got involved you know pokes. Are gonna split along lines politically they're going to split. Along lines religiously they're going to split along. Lines familiarly whatever the case may be but there's one thing. We can all agree on, innocent children should, not have to suffer the way these children are suffering in this. Part of the Middle East as they flee for their very lives as they observe all manner of horror. And terror some of. It happening right to their own families it shouldn't happen if we can agree on that basic proposition then let's agree to do something about it let's agree right now by God's grace to help fund an effort. Like the one through Hartford Lebanon that. Provides a Center a respite and a. Waste us in the middle of. This desert of violence where these, young children can go and be ministered to be. Fed housed securely and learn how to live a civilized life with an education program that not only gives them the intellectual stimulation they need but it gives them the spiritual nourishment that can only be, found through the scriptures the word of God the..

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