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Akg into grind leaf in in charles woodson payton about their experience and memories up there and in they're just such vivid memories and i think france's leaf told me he says listen i i know that it didn't go for bnfl the way i wanted it to but that experience of being there in new york city with my dad is the fondest best football memory of my career and even for somebody to now leaf was the second pick in the draft next year but you for a kid he's not going to be an nfl player if he gets to go up there and he's had a great year and he's one of the top five i i like the idea of heaven five guys all the time no matter what the voting breakdown is i just think it adds to the experience for them eminent i think it adds to more of a crosssection of players across the country they get to go up there and be a part of that brad when you look at it in a europe here's to the game would do i i mean how are you willing to dial that hill of just put the brake on three we willing to talk about the five who who do we stand with i worked on the show for seventeen years i understand the the tv side of it and sometimes when you have five or six guys it actually becomes more difficult to pay the respect to the winner that that person deserves and earn in other words science fair dedicating enough time to that person in the season that he had because you're you're just you're reducing the time on everyone to try to cram more people n and so that that's kind of the drawback to it uh look if if we were really willing to consider who are the most outstanding players in college football the way that we should in other words if we were willing to to give due consideration to offense of lyman defensive players stuff like that that i'd say yeah let's go fivedeep every year but if we're just back world wants smith of.

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