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And you could say that about a number of their pitchers and part of their bullpen, and so on the so that's all really good the things that are kind of like mind blowing are the catchers, they're catchers. So one thing is that they're catchers, have I mentioned, I tweeted this the other day. But no team other than other than the brewers in right field. No team in baseball had gotten more home runs out of any position than the twins catchers. And it's you know, it's Jason Castro and Mitch Garber Williams asked to do so like that. That was not supposed to happen at all. And it probably won't continue to maybe it will Castro in and Garber really have been just hitting the ball super super super hard realistically, and then you've got catchers of a one sixty three plus has a group right now. Yeah. That's like a Mike Piazza season. So yeah, and then you've got Longo is might be the favourite for the AOL MVP right now in as much as there is one at the end of may. He's more or less tied with trout for the lead. The league lead in war and plunk owes young and has been good in the past and didn't come out of nowhere by any means. But, you know, come on, that this is not it, this is not what you expected. Maybe this is real in the same way that other players have gotten extremely good as their careers developed. But this was totally unexpected. And if you were planning this season, this would not have been what you would have expected to carry the twins. Martine Peres, of course is. And, and then they're closer is wildly wildly wildly outperforming his fifth, which is if you're going to outperform, your fifth, it'd be great to have your closer to it that, that works really well for like lever situations. But maybe a thing that you're not sure can keep up. But then otherwise, you know, odor easies gonna gonna regress but, like everything else, kind of looks like okay like oh, yeah. This is this is the good Jonathan scope. We didn't know if they get the good, one of the bad one, they got the good one. This is the good, max Kepler. We didn't know and they got the good one, and there's a lot here that kind of makes sense it's sort of hard to figure out, what has changed besides everybody playing a lot better. So if you start thinking about well, what makes the twins different than everybody else other than scoring more runs? One thing is that they have the highest fly ball rate in baseball as hitters. But then if you look at the teams just behind them they're all bad teams. So. That's part of why this is working. But that's no promise of it working. They have the they have the highest swing rate at pitches inside the strike zone, but they're sort of more average on pitches outside the strike zone, which is perfect like that seems real seems like a real indication of success like being aggressive at strikes and having some control of the strike zone at pitches, that aren't is a really good model for scoring runs. They're throwing a lot more strikes this year as pitchers like a ton more than they did last year..

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