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I think it's an outstanding idea for many students who do feel they need their. They don't know. What they wanna do. And they may even feel burnt out. Many countries actually have a have students do service for a year or two. So I I so I think it can be an excellent idea. But one thing that came up in a lot of the earlier discussions is having purpose in doing something that's meaningful and for some students that may not be college. It may be doing a lawn service. It may be be in Germany. They have apprenticeship and more manual is skilled manual labor of there are so many things that can be done in life that is enjoyable that even can pay. Well, so I think we have to get out of the mindset that college is the only choice for everybody. Get Jennifer in here from Atlanta, Georgia. Hi, Jennifer, welcome to one point. Hi, thank you. I do like the idea of a gap year. And I would like to say that thirty five years ago. I was a freshman at a major university in Atlanta nationally internationally, re rank university with a full scholarship. And so I did have a lot of pressure. In fact, I even started school this summer after high school, I didn't even take the summer, and it was a huge mistake. I was very depressed by the end of the year. I would say that I was somewhat suicide it'll I finally withdrew. I put the summer the next summer and thought about it, and I went to a small private college. And it made all the difference. I wasn't a number. There were people who are invested in. How I turned out. There were people that cared. And your son's going through the same thing. Now. Well, fortunately, he is graduating this semester as well. As my niece. My other niece also graduated several years ago, but they did go through the same things. And in fact, my son tried to get mental health services on campus. And it was months to get in, thankfully, he's fine. He knows what he wants now. But who three years ago, it was a crisis? It is for many many families, Jennifer, thank you so much and good luck to there to your son. Kenneth is in Columbia, South Carolina, high Kenneth you're on the air. Hi, I'm a director of financial aid. And one of the things that people must consider when they're making a decision about taking a gap year or whether to start school right away is financial one aspect of taking a gap erase to make sure that the scholarships that they've applied for that. They can apply for will allow them for a gap year. So a lot of times students get offered freshman scholarships that are coming in first year college. And if they give those up they may not be able to get them back later in the future in order to get them when you've taken a gap year, and that's something that the called you really need to consider also make sure that they have an allowance for gap year is windy are looking into their scholarships for incoming freshmen for student have chosen to take a gap year. When you're talking about things like class rank he'll those are weighted differently students been out for a whole good information. Good thing to know Kenneth thanks for that. Here's from our Twitter account. Jones says I was pushing myself so hard junior and senior year of high school to get into the best college developed an. Eating disorder. No one knew by the time. My folks drop me off at college. I was hitting rock bottom. I cried so hard the day. They dropped me off. I had wanted so badly to get out to break away from home have college solve all my problems. But it didn't I came home on thanksgiving. Let's go to Bill in Tampa Florida with another story Habil, you're on the air. Hi there. Hi. So back in I'd say two thousand eight by graduated high school in in stead of taking just the summer to get a justed. I enrolled into early enrollment at the university of south Florida, and I gotta tell you. It was probably the biggest mistake of my entire life for my entire life. I've been gained pushed by my parents to excel exceed be the best because the best are the winners and everyone else's losers. And when I got there too 'cause that finish line. I wasn't here prestigious program. And then it just all thought underneath me..

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