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Is great satisfaction that I was able to call the daughters and say that we we solve this case. Mazing Barkat was taken to the Hillsborough county jail yesterday. He'll be extradited to Palm Beach county four Indiana spring breakers fought off an armed, man. And his accomplice attempting to rob them at a Florida gas station county surveillance footage shows four friends getting gas when an armed man approached them. He was reportedly asking for money, they wrestled the man to the ground when his shirtless accomplice ran over to help police later arrested thirty three year old Kevin Campbell who was identified as the shirtless suspect reports say he is facing several charges, including armed robbery police are still searching for the gunman. Alexi Baer news talk eight fifty W F T L, and you can see the video of that whole takedown at our website, fifty WT L dot com Palm Beach gardens dealing with a large number of poisonous toads cane toads it can release toxins that could be harmful to pets. Even people filling up pools and climbing walls, and it's covering driveways. Only going to get worse with the warm weather and the rain a female public defender in the hospital after being punched by an inmate happened at the Broward County courthouse yesterday morning. The inmate has been identified as twenty seven year old William green. He's already facing charges for touch or strike battery for the alleged punching of a Florida medical center employees charges for yesterday's incident are pending this is Ricky bowl, NewsTalk eight fifty W F T L. Well, birth control is the most effective when used correctly and regularly, and that's the motivation behind a proposed line of rings, earrings wristwatches, and necklaces that administer pregnancy prevention hormones regularly and can be changed weekly. Researchers at Georgia Tech developing the. Of jewelry that administer hormones through tiny patch like backings, and they pressed against the skin very cool. I lost my earring, Honey. Anyway, Powerball has a seven hundred sixty eight million dollar winner. The winning numbers drawn last night. Were sold in Wisconsin. Sorry tickets to the lady semifinal will be punched tonight at the Miami opened at the hard rock stadium under the lights tonight. It's two seed Simona Halla versus Carolina push Cova with the wind Halliburton gains, the title of world, number-one them.

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