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The five percenters and one of the things that they do share it with us yeah I mean really comes down to two things Ryan risk can leverage I know this sounds kind of weird but let's talk about those two to ninety five percent or most of the time in the lot of you listening right now you want to avoid risk for some reason growing up the risk is the worst thing that can come into your world and as a result you live in a comfort zone that your whole existence is about basically moving out of the way and running away from risk well five percenters the big differences they handle risk it's there but they've learned how to manage it and that's what we teach our students right now I mean I got people out there trading just because the markets you going higher you think now's the time all is say full that's the one time that you want to be more protective than anything else so that's a big difference here is that I find the ninety five percenters avoid risk they run from it with a five percent as well actually manage risk the second big he is leverage and this is kind of what we're talking about with education education for better or worse is bad debt I don't care how some is gonna come back at me and tell me you need education great if you are generating more money than what you've paid out for that education that's good debt but most of us and I've seen it I've gone ahead and I've gone on on on line Ryan and I'm looking at all these young graduates with lots and lots of debt their parents having to manage it and we see he's double majors at these fine business schools I come out of school and what does it say on their resume Marie stuff but anything wrong with that but I got to presume the person that was working all those hours to get an education and now find themselves at the golden arches or somewhere else for under qualified for what they are supposed to be earning in making it just seems like a really broken model and this is where then five percenters they're only going to be investing in doing things that have a high probability outcome of creating something bigger so when you're talking about students learning how to invest they're not just investing to invest they got a plan they've got a trade plan they've got rules and the goal is they're putting money in the markets because they believe a higher probability that this market is going to turn or this money is going to turn into a larger sums of money I'm not lying to themselves but it's saying they're doing something you know ride that's like someone going on a dating site just to say I'm dating her for eight no one of the things if you're if you're just tuning into the show maybe you haven't listen to us before when the alert talking about the ninety five in the five really referring to the eighty five percent of the individuals statistically the retiring financially independent right they did they can they can sustain anything that maybe they need to from a financial standpoint now it's what are they doing differently in layers hit on a great point right there as far as looking for that return on investment it's not like college is just bad right but it is it is that idea of I'm gonna spend a hundred to two hundred thousand dollars rack up this long term student debt of a of a hundred to a thousand dollars and make thirty to forty thousand dollars a year with that said degree and that unfortunately is a is a repair reality that is running rampant through the nation and as you have masses and masses of individuals coming out with these kind of with their with their standard issue degrees into the work force that floods the work force with supply supply of people needing a job which what does that do to wages that drives wages lower that drives expectations lower than that makes take even longer to pay that debt off yeah and then you're not even standing out because you're learning from other people I mean if you think about it what I find fascinating about the five percenters they go far beyond what normal people will do they'll seek out people that have information that can help them in terms of managing risk and leveraging so that way they are able to have a plan going forward that they feel that the amount of time that they're putting in justifies the means absolutely one of things we can do right now is we can do a little give away to one of our classes allow few people to get out to one of these you know follow gratis so they can come in and see exactly what it takes to generate income in the market we sailor have a we do give way unless somehow the five percenters thank all right right now we got a class coming up in your area and this class is where we taught thousands just like you are padded core strategy which is designed to teach you how to make better investing decisions no just a second you have a chance to win a set of tickets to one of these classes so get your phone's ready if you are driving be smart let's pull over now also include with your pass is gonna be a professional insider's kit and this kid is packed with lessons from some of our top instructors.

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