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Lights, southbound seventy one from two seventy five. Through blue ash. There's a wreck on Kipling at Coleraine Chuck Ingram. Newsradio seven hundred wwl wwl's sunshine today looking at sixty four overnight. It gets cloudy forty eight. Then the next two days, we have clouds, but it stays warm chance of rain tomorrow afternoon. Chance of showers Friday afternoon, sixty three and sixty seven seventy s over the weekend. Forty-four NetCom starts getting close to seven fifteen. Brian combs was here who's taking money from who. It sounds like the maneuver in Cincinnati city hall to pay for the more than seventeen million dollars in repairs to Columbia Parkway may come from the fund to build a brand new district five police headquarters. There's emotion being floated Cincinnati city hall by the city manager to take the money from the account that was set aside for the new police headquarters in district five and use that money to repair the hillside along Columbia Parkway. And then eventually when they have the funds. Go ahead and build a new district five police. Headquarters the old headquarters was closed because of health concerns there now in a temporary location. And I guess the idea would be to keep the officers there for a while till the city's budget is in such shape that they can afford to go ahead and spend another fifteen million or so on construction of the new district five police headquarters council has been involved in a in a pretty intense fight right now for whether that new headquarters should be built in college hill or along central Parkway at the old city garage, the safety lane is they called it near a central Parkway in Ludlow. So we'll see how this plays out. This is just a recommendation from the city manager doesn't mean that council would go along with it. Okay. Coming up in our news at seven thirty. We'll talk about the gas tax. It's going up in the state of Ohio as of July first they've settled on a diamond crease for regular more in fifteen minutes. Newsradio seven seven sixteen to the White House. We go..

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