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To stop. And that's what they think they have in Matt Ryan. You know, so there's so many positive things. And I think Matt Ryan's been everything. We hoped in dream for. You know, I know happy the whole organization is having his leadership going into the season. And if they need to win the division, I think it's more important for them to win the division, then maybe any other team in football because they haven't won the division since 2014. And they've only won one playoff game. He's 2014. So there's a lot of disappointment about where this team has been in January the last several years. No more than last season. When they had a really good season, absolutely fall to their fingers at the end, but this team needs to win the division, and Matt Ryan needs to play well. And they need to make some noise in January. We have this strong feeling when Matt Ryan comes in from the passion of my heart from what Chris Ballard has known and coach Wright that look at, you know, this is a time to set up another generation of greatness. I don't know if they can get to the AFC championship game or the Super Bowl, but anything short of the Division Championship is going to be a huge, huge failure for this team. Coming up, two additions the colts made that could actually make a bigger impact than that Ryan. We get support from talkspace. When it comes to therapy, getting the help you need has never been so simple. When you're able to access your provider from the comfort of your device, it means therapy can be on your schedule. And alleviating the wait times to get an appointment or the travel time to an office can free up time for the rest of your life. Talk space is so convenient and accessible, it'll help you feel supported around the clock. 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A podcast from wondery that brings you extraordinary true stories of life-changing events, told by the people who lived them. From a young man that dooms his entire future family with one choice to a woman that barely survived her roommate, we dive into what happened and hear their intimate first person account of how they overcame remarkable circumstances. Each episode is an exploration of the human spirit and personal discovery. These haunting accounts sound like Hollywood movies, but I assure you this is actually happening. Follow this is actually happening on Amazon music or wherever you get your podcasts. Or listen to ad free by joining one tree plus in the wondery app. This is Zack beyond Matt Ryan. You've also written about some key acquisitions the colts made on defense in particular defensive end Yannick and gawk way. And defensive on Gilmore. What are they hoping these two can fix when it comes to their defense? Yeah, they were the two biggest needs in a lot of ways. You know, this defense has been good the last couple of years, but the one thing holding it back in late game, tight game situations with having that feared pass rusher. They just didn't have a guy who could finish a game and get to the quarterback. So that's really why they made the move to go get in got white. And you can see it and can't. He's got that speed off the edge that this gives offensive tactical trouble. So who's that guy that really haven't had since Robert math is back in 2013 where you've got a guy you know can win one on one and get to the quarterback at the end. And then Gilmore, and this sounds like hyperbole, but it's not, is there best cornerback outside cornerback they've had since vontae Davis in 2014 and 2015. They just have not had any real talent at that position. They skipped it. They haven't drafted well. And Gilmore without a doubt was the best defensive player in training camp. He looks like he did a couple of years ago when he won defensive player of the year in New England. Now that sounded prediction, it's really tough to win that award if you're a corner, only two corners of one in the last 25 years and being one of them. But those are two money positions where they got a lot better at. And in training camp, the things you want to see are your best players looking like the best players. And that was very true for in gawk way and for Stefan Gilmore and training yet. They got to do it on Sundays this fall. But those are two really important needs, the colts went out, spent some money, brought in some veterans, or the really confident are changing the locker room, and we're going to change the way this team plays in the fourth quarter of this season. We've talked about the case for optimism with this team. So let's look at the flip side of that for a second. What does this seems biggest concern or potential flaw? Yeah, I like that. It's a good question. No one talks about pessimism this time of year, right? Everyone's drinking the Kool-Aid across the league. I don't love the tight end room and I don't love the wide receiver depth. And I don't love the offensive line depth. So you've got these studs on offense, right? You got Jonathan Taylor, you got Michael Pittman. I think Matt Ryan's going to be good. You've got nahim Hines, but there's some weaknesses around them that could be a problem. You know, if someone gets hurt on the offensive line, they could be in trouble. And the wide receiver depth behind Pittman has been and will be a massive question mark. Alec pierce is a rookie, and they've got Paris Campbell who has not stayed healthy in his career, but I still think can do some good things. But every year that seems like this team has an injury wide receiver and they're scraping free agency to find someone in September or October, November. And if you're looking for a receiver in November, you're not going to find a great one. And that's been a problem before. So if they're doing that in October, they have nobody to blame, but themselves. Finally, Zach, taking into account everything they've been through and all the new pieces they've added. Is this team finally ready to put the nightmare of last year behind them? Well, they can do a really good thing and start off with a win because they haven't won a season opener since 2013, which is remarkable when you think about it. Wow. And they were one in four to start last year and one in 5, a couple of years before that. So they can really change the tenor of the season and the mood of this city by starting fast because they're going to need to. They've got Houston and Jacksonville to open and then they got Kansas City coming to town, then they've got Tennessee and then got Denver on a Thursday night. So we're going to find out really quickly if this team is for real. What we see on paper matches what we think they're going to be in September, October. So yeah, Jacksonville feels like a long time ago that lost that meeting with Chris Ballard and Frank Reich and Jim Merced late into the night. You know, earth a demanding changes. I think they have the ingredients to get past that, but it doesn't really matter what they do early in this season. You've got to finish. And this is a team that knows

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