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In the Bethesda area three 55 Wisconsin avenue has, in fact, just reopened between wood Mont avenue and battery lane, the crash investigation completed again the lanes completely reopen you can now travel along that stretch of three 55, however, with all of the traffic that had been diverted on the backgrounds of Bethesda at both in battery lane expect some increased volume still around the general Bethesda area. But again, Wisconsin avenue reopened between woodmont avenue and battery lane. Elsewhere in Maryland, northbound 29 between lockwood and New Hampshire a single left lane gets by the work zone, the westbound span of the bay bridge, right lane of three blocked with the work, eastbound both lanes are open, no major delay getting there, outer loop of the beltway heavy from two O one kennel worth avenue headed toward route one in college park. That may be the work crew. It was a mobile work crew in Virginia, the outer lip near Georgetown pike, the right lane was blocked with a work zone, but you're going to find delays on the inner loop as well, so keep an eye out for anything there. You're also going to see the outer loop ramp to southbound 95 in Springfield, the left side is blocked with the work on the ramp so you're seeing delays on the outer loop there. The eastbound toll road has a bit of a backup passing wolf trap, so watch for a work crew. Northbound George Washington Parkway in your spout run, the work on the right side, and northbound 95 in Virginia, delays her before route three and Fredericksburg headed past 17. Today, the work is in the left lane, attention contractors and technicians, northeastern supply is opening in beltsville around the corner from MLK middle school, visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing HVAC water systems and PVF needs. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO P traffic. Storm team four is Amelia Draper. Dry today with rain in the forecast tomorrow this afternoon we'll have highs in the upper 60s to mid 70s with plenty of clouds. Periods of rain throughout the day tomorrow, a bit of a breeze, and

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