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Normally we'd go to our heat chat coast to coast regulars but double d. Dan Devine is out today. In his place. Our producer producer Isaac has joined the program as a fully accredited member of heat check. While finally this right it took how many years this moment. How many years for you to get a full seat at the table that season producing the show He'll be here for Headlines and then later on the show good call and bad call And then later in the show we're going to have a big announcement. Is it that big of a pretty big. I don't know how big it is. It's a pretty big announcement. This is called a tease as they say in the bay a nice little special broadcaster. Yes assist announcement later but also joining us in the studio. She's a multimedia superstar seen and heard on the big leads press pass podcast and she was also mentioned last week is likely by. NPR's gene denby. One half of code switch as one of OUR FINEST NBA writers. Let's give it up or superstar writer. Halio Shaughnessy questions for you. Helio Shaughnessy I see okay one are you signing autographs and to how much to the cost so my God please and by the way I don't have any money but my wife is good for it. I I have stooped offals after the shells drew C-. She's good at this. She's very good. That's a good tease All right let's hit the headlines from around the league with our segment. NBA instant instant replay top of the headlines. Melo Carmelo Anthony One of our favorites here at he check is back. He signed with the Portland Trailblazers. The the thirty five year old is scheduled to play his first game on Tuesday at New Orleans which frankly is a petty Haley because they play Houston tonight on Monday night And that would have been a fund reunion but he last played in an NBA game over a year ago with the Houston Rockets What do you make of this? How much do you think he has left? I I have mixed next feelings because on one hand I'm happy. This should not be have been how he went out in the league. Even though I think he's consistently thought of himself a little too new highly the last couple years which is hard to say. I'm sure like after his career. YOU WOULD WANNA maintain being that guy but that's not how we should have went out. I mean he's a fantastic. He'll he's going to go down in history so I'm glad that he's getting another chance. Maybe retire on his own terms. However I think this is a bad situation for him because is if you look at it on the surface seems good right like oh he has an opportunity to Have a Philip spot for them. Legitimately Phyllis for them. But it's GONNA be too big of a role again and he can't fill at this point in his career. I don't think it's GonNa go very well. We're not buying it. I'll say that in the same way that every player in in history who's coming into the preseason says there in career best shape Carmelo Anthony was not played in over a year told the ESPN. I'm in the gym every single day. when asked why he hasn't talked much over his year hiatus he said he said. Silence is not my surrender cy. He was silent for so long because he felt he needed to step away from the game to to quote reevaluate myself. Reevaluate my career reevaluate. My life is equally. In addition to being the ringers resident Rick Rubin. You're also basically Carmelo Anthony. Are you buying that. He's in the gym. Every single day is supposed to be a compliment. I don't know if that's a comment your an insult to both. I don't know what it is is your Carmelo. You're here. He's here now. And what what do you expect. What do I expect from Carmelo Anthony? He was washed two years ago. Go so I think he's GonNa be stole washed This is clearly to me. This is the blazers resisting trading. Anthony Simon's for someone like Kevin Love or Gallo. Oh as it's been rumored like they're trying to fill their front court void without compromising their backward hence bringing in someone like mellow instead of trading for Gallo or training for Kevin Love then. I'm not sure it'll work Listen Carmelo Anthony. Great player in his prime. I think everybody has always couched. You know talking about me. Like he was a great player. He really was he was Pakistan's. Yeah Pass those little panic movie because the Portland Trailblazers are five and eight after making it to the Western Conference finals last year. The only one of their five games at home and I feel like they needed a little boost. They obviously as Haley mentioned. Have all these injuries. So Neil O'Shea goes out and gets the guy who's available available and we'll see how much mellow has left. It should be interesting. I'm much more fun. One for you to talk about another guy. WHO's back Paul? George Lodge Raj Georgia's back. You missed the first eleven games off season shoulder surgeries plural yet. Thirty I at thirty three points and nine rebounds in his debut it was the most points in a season opener in his career to which he responded. I thought it was terrible. The clips lost to the Pelicans but in the next game they smashed the Hawks. PG had thirty seven points in twenty minutes. It's in declared Isaac. Louis I'm back yes. He is I am such a big fan of Paul George. I was a big fan of Paul George from his Indiana days. Obviously Just the fact that he's a two way player in my opinion. I think it's actually a much bigger addition on the defensive end than on the office because he frees up so much on defense it's like they don't need to rotate as much. They don't need a switch as much Because he can kind of handle he so big he so Tali so long he can handle a lot of a lot of Offense offense players and it frees up to do his thing. He frees up tresses. Do his thing a big fan of Paul George on defensive and as well as thirty seven points in twenty minutes I he does so many things. Yeah Haley it's interesting that Isaac brings that up because Doc rivers said that very thing it's like you and Doc rivers have a mind meld is that he says doc rivers. I said that He's designed a lot of different offense of sets around. PG But mostly what he said he was excited about was with PG Kawhi pat of they can get whatever they want defensively pensively It's been a good start for the clippers. Not a great start much like the the sixers. We'll talk about a little later on the program. They're eight and five. But how much does this change thing for the clippers in their prospects and their hope that they'll make it to the western conference finals. It changes everything. This is the actual team. They're going to be. And I think the I mean except for scoring some top scoring according seventy points and forty four minutes good. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. We check with Isaac again. He's already playing. He's playing through contact. He already looks really good like Isaac saying he's already super aggressive on defense looking like his old self already so it's super encouraging. There's not going to be much of a wait period as he has to like slowly integrate himself back in. It looks like he's already ready to play their contact and be aggressive. I I love Paul George. I thought that he was missed. H- must used in Oklahoma City in that first season especially when he was basically stuck in the corner and deployed it primarily as their most prolific three point. Shooter you on. That team is Carmelo and Carmelo Anthony. Maybe they should get the band back together. The clippers should think about about him. He washes out in Portland. Another headline that I very much wanted to discuss with you. Guys interesting stuff. With the San Antonio Spurs over the weekend so Gregg Popovich got tossed and a loss to the blazers presumably setting up Becky Hammon to fill in. As the first female head coach of a professional men's team the reports that becky and Tim Duncan shared the the duties with Hammond running the coaches huddle and then handing the clipboard to Dunkin who ran the team huddle according to Jeff McDonald but afterwards pot. Bizarrely shut all that down according warning to Bruno pesos. After the Ejection Popovich said Duncan was the acting head coach and according to Tom Osborne. This is what I really wanted to dig into here. He was asked if there was any consideration of allowing going Becky Hammon to make history as the first woman to coach a North American male pro sports team to which pope replied. I'm not here to make history Haley Haley. I'm groaning here. I like Popovich. I his CROTCH INLE Lake get off my back get off my lawn. Bit can be endearing at times. This was one I thought he should have and could have just played it straight. He's been somebody who has been outspoken on social and political issues previously. He has hired Becky Hammon and empowered her. Why not just let Becky Hammon take it and be proud and happy? I truly hate this however I do think that it's just it's has nothing nothing to do with Becky Hammon which would have been a huge issue. I think it's just a thing we've seen with pop over the years that he resents being forced to do anything and he resents narratives that are created aided by the media so while I'm just just let it happen. Perhaps he will the rest of the season. I think it's just more of him not wanting to Have something created prematurely prematurely because the media wants to defense of all of us in the media not created by the media created by pop getting run from that game is as he got toss us and he also hired Becky Hammon as his primary assistant. Yeah why not let Becky do this. And then and then applaud her lauder. Let her have her moment on and the spotlight like I'd be in this moment. The Guy who's I'm not going to answer your question during the sideline interview because that's my brand. Why be that guy? In that moment because he he can be very thoughtful. It is strange. It's bizarre I mean just as a boss to delegate responsibilities with lower seniority that is itself just on an organizational organizational level. Just a weird move as somebody who manages people and you know he can obviously run as organization the way that he wants he has no obligation but like it would have been really cool and it would have made sense. No one would have said like Oh. He's elevating Becky Hammon. Just because she's a woman it's like no she's he's second in line therefore she should have taken over in that respect. Yeah also that that makes me a little bit more okay with this. Because I think that he's also been someone who's like like let's not just make this about. She's the first woman she's a woman. It's I hired her because she's good and I'm obviously a fan of that. Yeah you hired her. Because she's good would she is. I mean just run with that right. That would be nice. That's the simple way to handle this. It's very confusing to me all right last thing for headlines in NBA instant reply. We've got injuries. Kyrie irvings day with the right shoulder. Impingement I don't know unemployment is it doesn't sound good. I think he'd probably prefer not to have an impingement because he's day to day Dangelo Russell the hits. Keep coming for the Golden State Warriors out two weeks with a sprained thumb walking wounded like they still are fielding a basketball team. I it's the walking dead out there. It's Eric Paschal and the gang so that's not a good way to open up a brand new arena. I keep telling people and I will tell you again. Watch them because they are actually. I don't I don't know if I can go all the way fun but these argo these are players who are going to batter a couple years. You're you're enjoying garbage. Time Warriors Yes yes I am and also I'm enjoying This rough start to the opening of the arena because they should have never done it in the first place. It's extremely disrespectful to their I. I will say somebody who was an early adopter of bad suns basketball last year and has been rewarded this year. Maybe you're right about that last one for are you. This is very bizarre. I almost put in good call bad call but didn't have the heart to do it. Jonathan Isaac is out for a little bit he got hurt during Jersey. Unveiling ceremony rolled his ankle laughing. Your much crueler than I have. No what I'm laughing. Okay actually yeah. That's fucked up. I'm sorry I apologize. But what's the funniest thing about this. Is that every time I read Magic City Edition Jerseys I think of the Strip club in Atlanta. And I'm like wow. Those Jersey should be much different. The couple of years ago the city went had like glitter on them so that would have been much more appropriate. What an Orlando Magic Story? Isn't it Jonathan. Isaac sprains his ankle cool during a Jersey unveiling ceremony. Listen I'm I'm pro Jonathan Isaac. Obviously we share name and Pro Isaacs in general right. Yeah I want him to have have a long and fruitful career. But that's this is just it's bad luck. Obviously it's you hate to see something like this happen It's still though like my my irreverent brain goes to wow what an Orlando magic thing. I just wanted noted for the record that both Haley and Isaac laughed at his misfortune and I was the adult Jonathan Isaac Isaac that was NBA instant replay We're going to bring Dan Pfeiffer in just a second. You guys are going to take a quick quick time out and then you're GonNa join me later in the show for good call and bad call but first let's take a break for a word from.

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