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Be readjusted to reconcile with the realities of lower enrollment. Melissa Howell WTO penis. A 48 traffic and weather on the 8s, here's Steve drezner. In Virginia twos have been a caution both directions of 95 from the Springfield interchange down to lure in some standing water. Right around the fairfax county Parkway leading up to the Springfield interchange in both directions once again, north bend 95 leaving Fredericksburg, the delays have gone away, all clearer up over the Aga Khan. Again, it does slow down after lorton because a portions was standing water, but no incidents for report on either direction of 95. Staying in Virginia on the interloop of the capitol, Bill Wayne, right near Braddock wrote cleared up one crash off to the right side of the roadway travel lanes are open. Traffic moving pretty well on three 95 and 66, no issues to report along the GW Parkway. In Maryland, quite on the bellway throughout Montgomery county and prince George's county, and we're good to go on 95 in the BW Parkway. No issues to report out to 70, but eastbound 70 after route 94 for woodbine, we're dealing with the clear cleanup of an earlier crash still only at last report single left link gets to goodbye and a gamble still have four 50 blocked hunt wood drive due to ongoing flooding activity. Get same day service from Snell heating and air on water heaters, drink cleaners, fixture installs, and a lot more.

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