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And rick johnson actually has a paper that in the new england journal medicine that goes through this case rix on some some really interesting work you talked about the out of africa migration rix looked at the euro case mutation that occurred after we so one civilization sation left africa to go to europe it turned out that this mutation of euro case allowed us to store much more energy in the form of fat from fructose and and one of the byproducts of that is generating uric acid but this became really a beneficial mutation to acquire because fruit is at its ripest in the fall so it's gonna abi sweetest so you could actually really eat a ton of fruit and actually store it as energy in the form of fat and you generate your gas it along the way and it seems that only the subset of our ancestors of the primates that developed that mutation were able to survive these european winters and then come back to africa and so he argues. I i think convincingly although i haven't had him on the podcast yet to go into this in gory detail but talk with them about this tonnon read his papers that it was this ability to actually turn fructose through through developer genesis into fat as a byproduct to generate uric acid. That's actually what allowed us to come back to africa to have survived a european winter and then typically proliferate so this ability to to generate uric acid is not unique to all species. It's something quite unique to those came from the lineage of of having to survive basically cold winter without much food. Hey a peter real quick before i forget is speaking of energy output the other thing that you see an insulin resistant individuals especially south asians is when you compare them when you actually put them through exercise testing.

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