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Twenty percent when you get a free estimate call one eight four four eight three zero hello Angie today Dave in the traffic said let's go to Bobbie Miller in the traffic center on sixty six east bound heavy and slow after route seven and on to sixty seven delays begin just inside the beltway trying to get all the sixty six the car fire is gone after the merge with two sixty seven but the bus remains in the right lane before Lee highway in Washington Boulevard or tow trucks with it should be gone shortly but long delays still with us heading east in falls church on sixty six but soon those lane should be re opens up on three ninety five from about king getting a landmark quite slow ninety five from going too over the aka quand one twenty three once you get toward garrison violence a pretty much sucked in through Fredericksburg at this point I'm a little late to the Wilson bridge only begin at about telegraph road in in a loop slows Georgetown biker to seventy and useful through but that's that's over spring College Park and green belt on the belt white east boundary fifty hung up badly now from about Cape Saint Clair getting to the bay bridge tolls but the minor crash at the beginning of the bridge has cleared and keep the money all at the state of the far left to use EZ pass you can use any of the lanes for that all over Washington parkway ninety five each was some volume delays but no incidents along the way and traffic on two seventy also slow and several stretches headed north from shady Grove road up toward middle brook and more delays up through Clark's Bergen Hyatt's town with room for seven enjoy the ride with segment leading standard third row head room the twenty twenty Cadillac X. P. six now your Washington DC area Cadillac dealer popular double if you'll be traffic some scattered showers Hey let's turn this over to Doug Kammerer chief meteorologist NBC four Doug clouds now rain later yeah we've got a couple of showers out.

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