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Your foot right there like that mind even the bathroom engineer that correct better you know better since the bathrooms and all that so we we come from that so we don't really need much to make hot shit. You know what i'm saying. It's just say that you gotta have to jump in but to that point though we we thinking about vertical everything going vertical. Everything engineering. Our own stuff. You said nepal and stuff so when we talking about being a label. We're talking about we're going to have we. We have in the process of having or you know what i'm saying somewhere down the line going to have everything Quote unquote official. Anything have saying. That's the whole point of us calling ourselves label basically sounding ourselves and dawn at taking ownership of the process taking ownership of everything so named might be in front and behind the camera being behind at the end of this. When i say. I want to sign your son or my son or a homey from down the street who sixteen. He don't have to come in and do nothing but right he'll have the because 'cause i know everything i know how to get to get the press. Release how to get you in. The paper are not to get you a mixmaster. We got the sponsors for the clothing. You just coming here rat. You know what i'm saying so that's will be In the process of doing Don't have an issue with the big deals but they charge too much. Yeah go home. And what am i getting. They you know when you talk about a record label. They're gonna bill. You based on official studio hours. I don't think ya'll take people who aren't official traditional studios because i feel like that typically manufacturers type of sound as it was little if we did. We did a label. Do we going to be in a big studios right right so but economically point and also and also like you know equality thing like like that comes with you know like what are they working with. Why are they charging what they charge. it's not. Just 'cause design is now you re looking at that investing in those things so that our stuff can be what it is supposed to be. You know so. It's not just it's not just ego that saying oh that's okay. What they're doing over there. They're not the only always something to take from it and learn from ego. I think is actually. I think it's a credit. See y'all i think that's critical thinking efficiency like how can we maximize the output. Which is the quality while. China reduces much unnecessary expenses. As fast man. Minimalism right. you know. And that's what we ought. Our music is like that Will want to do nine two extra ryan right I i missed a few missed. A few elements in there but You've recently dropped a comic with with that with the bridge. I believe and then you also in some type of commercial like which commercial was dead. Let let the people know yeah. I was Yeah one Surge julian james virtually. Yeah he chose me as a bit on it. He tells me as a as a window into dc. He was a shooting a campaign for apple. They were highlighting black photography. Basically black coats throughout america and Julian's as was plugged for the dc addition and he chose me as one of three people to model for their campaign. So i'm glad i got to get on there. I got to get underneath a georgia aside with the columbia jacket and do back and just shutout sir. Julius shutout chris cardi out in chicago. Mahoney law j. You'd another another fellow. Ganja was one of the photographers out. There clo is your energy. Very dope and Yeah i have a comic coal up tell story and it's basically it's a comic that set in. Dc is like if boondocks met archie. Met superman me. I'm saying it's like Send dc and a lot of people from dc are blessed powers from in this joint. Captain uptown is. The main character is based off myself. And he's the only person in the comic book that chooses to use powers to save people to help people he's not the strongest person in a joint. He's not the weakest and the story really revolves around. Dc uptown story. And he's in it sometimes. He's he sometimes he's not in it. i've been running this for the past. Wanna say since two thousand eighteen been working on this of how to annual art show every year since the Thank i may or may not have been part of one of you probably part of one of sands art of noise about two three years ago or shutout that was. That was a beautiful thing adrian. Yeah adrian ferguson and For sean love so yeah so. I have a page on instagram uptown. Dot story where you can actually read and scroll to the side of the comic. Then every year have the exhibition where i have four by six page. Four by six foot pays panels of the comic drawn out. Sometimes ten to twelve pages. So you're reading the large-scale comic book and then between time you know i sell covers so service so it's just a fully immersive thing that i'm just giving people a lot of a lot of like you know this is something that i play with my sketchbook so if i'm listen incorrectly is like nate's artistry isn't isn't a what's the word i'm looking for is that Stuck to stuck stuck to stuck in a box and or not stuck to the pages like it might be painting. Might be drawing. He might be wrapping. It could be anything you all know what he said. The new cheap pain in a new plan of hard before buying for the podcasts even started doing in a corner drawing john. Quick question Dc statehood since yellow from dc. Howdy al actually feel about it. Oh man i think it was getting current events. That's a that's a tough question. Damn man you know how filibuster. I'm not even in that conversation like once you start talking about. Statehood is basically the poster gentrified. Dc and. i don't. I feel like i don't have too much say on what goes on there or too much care. Honestly besides what. I'm doin' on Grassroots level right but dc statehood. Don't sound good to me You know that's just. I don't agree with past five mayors. Don't sound good to me. I don't agree with it because like the back over already said like i don't feel like it'd be fair to people that are actually from d. c. You know what i'm saying. The people would benefit from a lot of the state programs. That come with having like statehood would be a lot of these you know. Playing the put people that are are gentrified like they would be the ones to benefit and like a lot of people that got moved out of the city pushed out of their homes. You look at all of those homes. Gone going down on north capitol. All of those two black people know what i'm saying. Those developers came in. They pushed him out for like two hundred and fifty thousand and a lot of people. Never seen that kind of money so they take it whole time is worth like a million dollars because of the location that is You know what. I'm saying and give people statehood. Now you know is is already so many programs in dc that benefit kids so many job programs college that people don't really like typing but i don't feel i feel like statehood would benefit the majority right now and unfortunately to be people that gentrify you know 'cause a lotta people that's from. Dc don't have a residence in dc. No more like the grandmother house on house and a lot of people that grew up here can even more delays live here and like as soon as you lose that. It's like a diamond. You know what. I'm saying right right right so.

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