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And our guest is the daily program director, and she really is the face of the Jayme club. I really she is who you see when you walk and is James, Danielle my both work there. It couldn't be more incredible. She makes everyone feels so welcome and loved a hug from her is like coming home. And on top of that, she watches these thirty s shows. She is a dirt bag just like uh says, please welcome. Sean Tobel Dell. I am so happy to be here. I cannot tell you how excited, I am to get into all of it so money to go. Now, Shanta, you're such a wise woman. You lead the meditation at Jane club. I do. I mean, this is a woman who comes through the Jane club with a meditation bowl. Yes. Do eleven thirty signaling us all to go out, and then you'll give kind of an invocation. It's so beautiful. Thank you. Do you want to say anything for us about the new book? Well, first of all, thank you for that very warm and beautiful introduction. I feel like recording a taking everywhere I go and just pressing it. I walk into a room, you know word of it. Thank you for having me in your knock, which sounds slightly dirty, and I like it. This is beautiful, but I think, what would be appropriate here is to just take a moment and it's Casey mentioned because I lied meditation daily, I like to ground the space before we start because this is a new nook. It's my first time here and I it was like first time, you're, you're taping here. Is that correct? That's correct. I think we ought to just sort of set the stage and let the nook know what's going to happen. So I would just say, let's just take a moment wherever you are. Let's just take a big in Allen and axe hail breathe it out. And let's just get really grounded where we are. And I will just say to this beautiful space to the nook prepare yourself. You are going to see things people shouldn't say you're going to see behavior in adults that will make you wonder what is going on. Exactly. You will just be stunned into silence nook. So prepare yourself it's going to get really funky in the air, but it's going to be fantastic. It's going to be a ride. So be ready to see all of it drinking. Bad behaviour, exposed who she's. We saw tonight. Tonight prepare yourself. Prepare your wow, Shanta prepare the space for us as opposed to us for the space. You spoke to the space to hold us. It's going to need a hold us through this race dirty little flea bags. We are drifted into this hollowed land this space needs. Like a sage from us. I'm going to go through Koolup realize that comes to every new house. I haven't sages every nook speaking of no been cranny, and she hasn't gotten over here like the nook is gonna sage after we leam, wow Ashanti before we go to break. We are doing bitch says show at the Jane globe. You are indeed. It's very exciting. Very exciting June. Diane refill is our guest, and we're going to a cocktail party before where we all have cocktails together for an hour, then we're going to tape the show and the ticket price is a bit high. I will admit, but it is all again, going to din yell, and I know it's. It is going to the legacy fund at the Jane club, which, again, is the IMO workspace, and do you want to speak to the legacy fund? I do. And the legacy fund is so wonderful. It is a fun that we are so grateful for people to contribute to because what it does is it makes space, excuse me, makes it. Allowable for women who might not otherwise be able to afford to be on our space to be there. And that's what we want..

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