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Be there Someone is sacrifice and James Harden used to get on a treadmill. Okay, that's how this thing is going to work in Brooklyn or else it ain't happening. All right, that's enough of that. I'm going to get to my father Michael Smith AKA Smitty dog. You can find him on Twitter. He doesn't tweet a lot. But when he does, it's powerful let's talk see. What's up Pops. What's going on Frank going to be with you? Well, it's good to be on the podcast but it's not great to be a Steelers fan. We're going to be breaking down all the situations what's going on in Pittsburgh? What's going on Steelers? But before we get to that I just want to get your general thoughts as someone who's been a Steelers fan since you know, the late 1960s. Yeah, I think whatever the Steelers lose a playoff game. It's you know, Pittsburgh is a a major over-reaction Monday town. And you know, it's it's Defcon its depth on Thursday in Greater Pittsburgh Western Pennsylvania. And you know, we've been there before we've been this a lot of gut-wrenching stomach punch playoff losses, but you know, this this one this one feels a little different because of just how it went down and you know, the the agent quarterback that we have so it's yeah, it's a tough time for the Steelers game. Yeah, I just did a podcast with sports betting dime and we talked a little bit about it and I prefaced it by saying, you know Ben's my guy. We're both graduates of Miami University where huge Steeler fans, you know, that's that's our guy Ben and it's been a great run. I personally think it's time to hang it up and that is one option. So we'll start here. Okay, we'll start with what is been a current situation and this is option. Number one. You can keep been around. Okay, that is an option. He has one year left on his deal. It's a big cap hit it's like forty two or so million dollars is only owed about 9,000 of that. What do you think about that option? Yeah, I mean, I think he's you know, if you let me back up one minute. I agree with you on the you know, we're both Big Ben guys and we both go back to Oxford Ohio. I remember seeing him play on TV in the 2003 GMAC bowl and he absolutely lit up and I told everybody the Steelers should drop this kid and they didn't even know how to pronounce his name. So, you know, I do watch it with you know, I've been a huge Big Bend fan for all of his Seventeen Seasons. But yeah, there there comes a time and I do feel the Steelers are in a in a in a tight situation with then and you know, we're probably, you know, the cap hit that the Steelers are going to take which could be as high as twenty almost twenty-three percent of the salary cab with a lot of other holes to fill in a lot of them guys to sign that's going to be really difficult decision for the Steelers on what time With the next year now, there is a situation and this is option number 2. Okay option. Number two. The Steelers can go to bed and say been it's been a great run. We love you. We've paid you hundreds of millions of dollars. We've showed you we love you dead. But let's end this on good terms. Let's not have a situation where you go play a year in Detroit or something. You know, let's let's not embarrass you by by having to cut you let's bring it up man. Just just call call it a career retire and we can both move on now. What do you think about that option? How possible do you think that option is? Well, I think it's very possible. I mean when you push delete athlean Elite NFL quarterback like Big Ben, it's really it's hard for those guys to hang it up. I mean the Steelers are no stranger to making this type of business decision with every Nike on that, you know is very long in the tooth and is going they don't feel his you know, his productivity and value is really behind them. And then they did it with Franco Harris they did with Rod Woodson dead. they they didn't leave that credit terms on Troy Polamalu the end of his contract and you know hopefully if that is the option then accepts that off you know with class and and you know dignity out the door because I kind of think that's what's going to happen I don't think the Steelers can afford that type of you know cap that they can afford the dead money in the cap next year but not not the cap hit not with the value of the of what Big Bend is you know this the offense even though we had a great start to the year the offense was stagnant predictable and you know been just he can't really move around like his agent counterparts you know Brady and Phil Rivers so it's just watch him run on running running on and off the field it's it's it's kind of hard to watch I wouldn't even call to run it's more of a jog yes There, you know that brings to the third option get a guy who can move around. A rookie Steelers don't have a great pic. But there are five good rookies in this class. There's obviously Trevor Lawrence, you know generational Prospect Justin Fields, Zack Martin Trail aunt's dog Champion Matt Jones. One of those guys could fall too and see those are probably have like, you know, twenty 23rd or 24th pick something like that How likely do you see that? Is that something you want the Steelers to do how possible do you think it is? You know, it's hard to say the Steelers keep, you know so much of those, you know decisions off. So close to the vest. It was a lot of rumors today about, you know, coaching changes not Tomlin but other coaching changes and even Kevin, kolbert our general manager going to the lines of all places, but you know the Steelers, you know, they don't do this a lot. But I think they they're very stubborn in their draft choices. They stick by them, and I have a I have a feeling Going to get this is the option. I feel like they're going to give Mason Rudolph every opportunity and I think that's going to be a mistake because that's not exactly a hot take but I mean there are quarterbacks. I don't know about the kid from Alabama but there's other quarterbacks that I feel they can maybe trade up or draft and see what happens because you know, Mason Rudolph and Josh Dobbs or not the answer we will be definitely not the answer. I think they've taken every opportunity to prove that. I don't know why the Steelers front office would be the last one to realize that but that is option number for you can ride it out with number two. We've seen it play out for an entire year. He got benched for the duck. I mean, it's it's not a good option but it's it does I I have a really really bad feeling that you're going to be right on that wage. Yeah, there's kids out there, you know the kid from BYU and there might be some Diamonds in the Rough that you know, I think you need a today's NFL. I think you need a a Young quarterback. You need a nice big kid like Josh Allen you did a good job. Run around a little bit the offenses have changed. I think you need some Mobility. You know, I'm not sure exactly if I know who's who's in the draft, but they're they're guys in there and may maybe it is that you trade up in the even higher than the second round to get someone like that. And then finally, there's option five which is this is a weird year in the NFL. There's going to be some players moving around or some quarterbacks moving around Matt. Stafford's going to be available. Matt Ryan might be available. I don't think anybody wants Cam Newton, but he's going to be available Steelers are known to make moves like this and DeShaun Watson's definitely available. I mean, he's demanded a trade-off see those don't make moves like this, but could you see this happening? And and do you think.

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