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Lovely and talented Taylor alongside joy. How you great, how are you? I'm good I'm good. It is weird. It is still weird. Engine. On Sunday. And only have dolphin right that was. SUPPOSED TO BE NBA Finals Right Right There's a lot. Going on right now. Yeah, there is but the NBA is is interesting because the League which. I think anyone would deem to be the most progressive of the major and even maybe minor professional sports leagues. Is the one who over the weekend there was some pushback as to the Orlando bubble plan. Get to that should point out to you that. Eric Mangini joined the show Chris Bruce. Arnold joined the show ric. Bucher joined the show. I have I have this, Todd. Have the software you on baseball a point. That I have reached on baseball that in one hour we will share with you. Which I think speaks to all of US collectively on Major League Baseball. We'll get to that, but but let's start with the fact that no matter what else you think. About the NBA. About who the best player is but who the team to beat is. The voice deface the leader of the League. Is. Lebron James and I point that out because over the weekend. We're actually on a Friday night, and can you just like sometimes? You GotTa understand the day in time in which you pick it but Friday night. There's a phone call. Apparently, eighty players, some wnba players who wnba is going to have a season. They're going to get full compensation. It's going to be in Bradenton Florida. I understand they're kind of collectively bonding together, I I do think though that, too. Many voices in perspectives at times are a bit too much for this particular discussion, there's eighty players on a call and one of the dissenting voices as the Orlando bubble plan was under then Kyrie Irving. Now it should be pointed out that. Luke Kyrie Irving does have this. Have this in weird ability? Weird ability to generate a reaction, not based upon always what he says, but some of the things he has previously said or the thought that there are some of the things well. The only reason carry wouldn't wanNA play his. He doesn't want Lebron to get another championship. Career carries the badge of being a flat earth, or which I don't actually think. Is What Kyrie Irving is. Kyrie irvings flat. Earth Philosophy is more challenging conventional wisdom, right? Don't always just believe what you what you've always been taught because you've always been taught it and he uses being a flatter as an example. The problem with that is it goes directly in the face of science. And arguing to the rest of the world something we know to be a scientific provable. Fact isn't a scientific provable fact does cause anything else he say says to I'm having roller is. But when Kyrie Irving says hey look. Is it possible that playing this season in Orlando in a bubble which takes all of these talented men away from their homes. And PUTS THEM ON TV in an empty arena playing basketball does that distract us us as a country us as a as a league? From. What's most important long-term? which is this push for social for for? Ford for Justice for equality. For the things that we want to see. Happen as a country in this time of of change. So. Here's what I WANNA to do, and this is really important. Look I'm not gonNA. Shoot the Messenger. Out that Kyrie Irving is the same guy who apparently the week before on a similar call offered no sort of pushback on the Orlando Plan and simply WanNa. Know with booze down there. It's the same Kyrie. Irving who's not even gonNA play in Orlando. Wait, you don't want us to go on a trip and decided champion, even though you're not actually going to play, and beyond the trip and decided champion that that strikes me as odd DUnno look. What, what so many Americans not just minorities gay, but people who there are others that are disenfranchised and you had all these gay pride parades yesterday across the country. All black lives matter changing the black lives matter for a day. We're seeing change and progress, but in this particular form. Hey, we want to be heard. That's it. That's what black people have been telling white people. It's like listen. You have to understand your perspective is in our perspective, because you don't live in our world in our skin on a daily basis. You don't know what it is like. Let me explain to you what it is like. We're being told listen, so you know what? I think it's a good plan. Let's listen. Let's listen to what Kyrie Irving saying does. He have flaws as a messenger shore course? He does Cabernet as a messenger. Boy about message. Is there some validity to the idea that if we're really all in for the cause of changing things, why get distracted and go back to work and play basketball? Now my personal perspective again I'm a white former basketball player I don't know what it's like to be a black basketball player, especially one that has the type of wealth and influence that NBA player especially superstars like career in the brain and others have, but my personal perspective is especially working in the media. Don't you have a greater platform when you're playing six nights a week on national TV, across multiple platforms and multiple networks. Yes, you could dedicate yourself. You could dedicate your life to trying to change the world. But? Couldn't you also do that while playing in the NBA? The perfect example is Lebron James. Lebron James who has been a champion for social justice going back years, the Bron, James, who has fostered change in the school system in Akron Lebron James as part of a coalition of star athletes, trying to bring about change and pushing people towards voting, and you know what. Lebron James can say that every time he has a post game interview or Inbetween interview or no matter what network he's on. If you're playing in Orlando and you're one of the select few media members who gets to interview Lebron James. It's Lebron score if he wants to push people to vote if he wants to push for continued awareness of social justice reform. Right like my perspective is. I think it's an ill-thought-out strategy, but it's really really to me. An important case study in our we actually listening. Because if you watch enough, you do realize that I no matter what argument you're making. There's a lot of still shouting going on. There's more listening maybe not enough. So, why don't we use this Kyrie Irving argument? Hey if you're if we really want to have social justice. Social Justice reform then being distracted by playing basketball, and going back to work and being on TV, that that will cause people to not watch these protests not pay attention to so many of these videos, and not pay attention to what's going on, not just needed cities, but in the suburbs and the chains that were trying to have take place. I'm willing to listen. I don't agree with the argument. But again the exercise and the importance of this time is to not think you have all the answers instead. Listen to other people's perspective who do not share your own. Background your own viewpoints your own perspective. Joy Let me, ask you. When you ice cube tweeted about it. Dwight Howard also was in support of Kyrie Irving. Do you think? Is it a when you hear what Kyrie says?.

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