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All kinds of hard work and good people all across Georgia Stacey Abrams being bankrolled by Hollywood liberals. And he's probably talking about Oprah. Who was also in this state campaigning for comes opponent Stacey Abrams. I know it's easy for people to feel that you have no power against those injustices. But this is what I'm here to tell you. This land was made for you. The man accused of gunning down eleven people at a Pittsburgh synagogue was arraigned a day after a grand jury issued a forty four count indictment against him. Katie k radios. Shelby Cassese from the courtroom. He didn't seem all that nervous. He didn't seem upset the only answered yes. To a couple of. Yes. Or no questions and the tone in his voice was not remorseful in my opinion. He said, yes, yes. That was the Tony used didn't seem like the tone of someone that was in great distress pleaded not guilty and requested a jury trial tonight. The first electric chair execution in Tennessee and more than ten years. Tennessee reporter, Adam tamarin was a witness. He rose up against the restraints while the voltage was flowing. And then his body would relaxed out again, I'm Jim Krasula sixty three year old Edmund Gorski, chose to die in the electric chair rather than by lethal injection saying it would be a quicker and less painful way to die. He became only the second person to die in the electric chair in Tennessee since nineteen sixty and fifteenth nationwide since two thousand his last words, let's.

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