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This is gonna trip you out. Derrick rose actually received a first place vote which is outrageous but it was from the fans. So i guess rob explained. The league gives a vote to the fans yet. The league gives a cumulative fan. But i guess you can vote. Nba dot com during the highest votes. Gets one they voted for. Derek voted for de rose. When i heard that were out of first place. Vote with all due respect. Eight rose knows. He shouldn't have got a vote. Right when i heard he got a vote. I i said you know what the league needs to consider taking that vote. Whoever that is voted for derrick rose. Because you're clearly not taking it seriously right. Do fans vote for their growth right but chris. This is the thing that we talked about before and people don't wanna hear it. The players votes questionable fans questionable and the media. Normally chris gets it right. They don't buy into the high. They don't buy into a narrative. When lebron had his feelings her last year remember he thought like oh. He thought he had it in a bag. Remember how mattie was. Oh really like this one close. You said it wasn't gonna be close right all writers that you talked to cover the league. It wasn't supposed to be close right so my point. Is you know leaving in the hands of the objective people who are covering the game for reputable media outlets period. You're right rob. Because look and now they publicize the votes. It's embarrassing if you're a media person and you have ridiculous votes and so that is one thing that keeps you lying and just your integrity as a journalist exotic taking your job seriously so you won't see any mess like that now speaking of this topic. There's a big brouhaha today. And it's just dominating social media jay williams who's obviously former player was an all american duke tremendous college player and we ate industry bulls and i had a motorcycle accident that ended his career and then we worked with him at the other place and has done well for himself now over there. Espn as morning. Show right yep. He's just get up. And you know all these various shows and has the radio show as you said but anyway he was on this morning and he dropped a story about kevin durant not wanting to be compare to kubo the implication being that he didn't think on this was on his level. Here's what jay williams said. Can you have a quick time with jess. I would love to so a couple of years ago. We're at a holiday party. And i came on this show and i did a segment with you and i said we had anthony davis and we had kevin durant anthony davis and katie would have a the similarities physicality wise. We'll be young. Yeah i go to the holiday party. Kevin durant comes up to me and says. Don't you ever ever compare me. Hones- don't ever compare katie. Where you're talking about you know. I was just talking about similarities physicality wise. He's like no. Don't you ever compare me to join us all right. And katie didn't like it. And so rob g. Tell us about. How katie responded. Oh katie responded. Multiple times arcadian on social media. I it was on instagram. He saw the video. he commented underneath..

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