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They had to get off season roster to ninety players. And that's also why the day after Ryan shazier is put on the physically unable to perform reserve list us he won't play this year, and he won't count towards the roster spot. But also, I think they're doing him a solid Bostick by saying look we understand we're moving on. We have this draft. Pick Devin Bush traded up to get him me, obviously, he's a big players, but a big part of our future when it gives you a chance to go try to find a new home. So we're going to give you that this time in the offseason. Hey, if he goes up and get signed by team. I don't know say the Jacksonville Jaguars. He'll have time to go down. There will be there for their off-season. Workouts. I think they were doing masala there. But I think the Dana MacOS is a guy that could absolutely be in the same exact path that they look and say we really need this guy would just as Ahah bugs was just a drafted defensive end tackles. I've guy to really need him. He's going to have to earn his spot is what I'm saying. He's going to have to earn his spot. Holy crap. Someone just said I can't wait for the preseason. I think that might be a first people were excited for the preseason. I excited for the preseason for a lot of reasons. I like to see like the quarterbacks, you know. We've all seen Ben Rothlisberger played for fifteen years. But I wanna see how Joshua dog. How does Mason Rudolph? Look how does my Tomlin handle the quarterbacks? I wanna see some of these players get on the football field, and this sometimes it's the only chance you get to see big about Mason Rudolph last year. He played in a preseason those it hasn't played since. So they there's that someone getting bet with Bo which by the way, though. Before I forget got the photos. It looked like your parents who attended he he was the winner of our we give gave way those two tickets to Steelers draft party where they announced the draft picks..

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