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Emma move house and asked the government to put you in witness protection programmes the nova's can't find you if you're getting more gifts on you very good advice there for practical cindy dopey so on grateful we all received gifts we don't like from time to time i've been maria spread just raise this one somewhere you won't see it each day like an espero are in the hallway that's what i said i'm sure you've given gifts to people who thought what the heck is this samantha do you have children grandchildren nieces nephews just find it ought any child say they brokered say you konta breakable in your home in the shape animals because they go for them would look at the end of it that's k i said break it but that's clever to get a child involved and explained that the cat is so adorable so irresistible that you cannot keep clumsy children away from them the smart smart we give to turn at christmas as you likes him so much no mike stop it and grow up and look out the window was very short is that what she got out the window some people some people out there a real and genuine problems if it really is worth barber to outside and give the money to charge you could use now and the double isi if we pick about thread then obviously grow graham as a feature shouldn't happen a toll obviously the people have real problems in the world and we rarely rarely go near them but that doesn't gates someone having a dilemma about an ugly paul that looks like a cat that's still a problem you know yes there are much worse things going on but that doesn't make that beshir he go yeah an.

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