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And he poed posted a poll this past weekend about you know michael clark who played for the power i saw is in town we can and he asked in he's wide receiver they got some some rat six six on the packers just a few wraps he said he posted a poll and said who do you want in dynasty michael clark or jordy nelson and michael guard i think won the poll now and so this is why i am on and i bring it up because it's it's worth consideration there where you're always in that it's almost like a stock results the pennies just like up a stock where you're saying we knew i buy window i cell window i let this go and you can make a mistake sometimes you just gotta hoddle sometimes hold that player and jordy nelson nut it could be over for jordy but it probably isn't you probably going to get one more year jordy nelson with aaron rogers and you're probably going to sell them for to love you salam at the price is right now i mean i i would be trying to buy a geordie on sure a stream cheap if i can sell a bench asset michael michael your heart in front of the way wired is why and i i also saw people pay big prices for aaron jelcz early in the year in a dicey league because everybody wants that dynasty potential you know multiyear superstar so julio look if you can go get a hall that you're you're proud of that's dynasty uti's trade just trade and have fun and enjoy it but if you're going to trade him for pennies on the dollar i don't think it now is the time to do it fair agreed all right charles kaiser says i'd love to hear you guys talk about why kickers are stupid mostly just so i can send the clip to my league and help them convince them of the truth i thought he was a sympa.

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