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Is not able to married together a delivery system with a nuclear weapon that he can deliver to the united states if this thing starts it's going to be probably one of the worst catastrophic events in the history of our civilization but it is going to be very very brief the end the end of it is going to see mashed mass casualties the uh the likes of which the planet is never seen it will be a biblical proportions there was a lot of discussion about what what you meant the comments to signal with that and you know our you seen that president trump is israel actively considering taking the country to war well you know that's kind of some of the headlines a came out of that in this day and age particularly in this place washington dc everything is about trump the this really should be about kim jongun he's fully in charge of this kim jong un is going to determine the outcome of this he's going to determine the way that it resolves and it's all up to him but instead they did right headline seen trump was ready to go to war cetera and that was not the intent to people that the articles addict a very accurately quoted what i said the headlines didn't represent what the article was all about well and it's a good example actually in this moment of crisis in signalling there's so much that can go wrong it every step of the way he's right because it's not just the misreading that donald trump and kim chungnam can do of each other but also even understand in what messages are being transmitted you mentioned i thought it was very interesting the un senator shaheen a democrat who is also on the foreign relations committee with you who made the trip that you too had been briefed on before you went over and that you didn't believe that the trump administration was considering the so called bloody nose strict bloody nose strike meaning a quick preemptive attack on the north koreans presumably something short of full out war but a limited hit on their nuclear capabilities who was briefing you and what do you think is under consideration world of the people i were.

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