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Tony cash race And the chicken in it. Then you roll them in crush. Cornflakes you put them in a baking dish. Poor the excess butter on stickman preheated of it at three fifty for about fifty minutes comes out tinder. A good it's just spicy buttery crunchy. It's just all the best but omaha steaks dot com georgia in the search bar. And we are. I i got. This is one of my frustrations with the birthing people comment. I look. I'm i'm still flabbergasted by this many of you don't believe me. I'm getting e mails still about this. I'm gonna play this montage one more time and it's not. This isn't intended to be filler. This as you really this blew my mind. It is an actual congressional hearing and these are the democrats you know nancy. Pelosi said she wanted to d- gender the language of the house of representatives. And so it's now instead of talking about mothers birthing people. The democrats are talking about as a mother's day weekend led us. We commit our efforts.

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