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When you look back you have a die that thompson film of ups. I remember when. I got my probably the best couch. I'm not want the couches coach. I've ever really took any notes on how it seven at all snow and he received from your neck of the woods and I remember him playing for west brom. One die in a of any. It went to las off any back for also staying. They replied and voting pay a thomson ripped him to shreds. Yeah it actually totally limb from littman. I felt sorry for on dome was a back. That's that was that beijing job but this was probably if it was brazilian. Been in brazilian. Miss put it that way. It was good Info likely to fall probably told don is greatest couching lesson gold time plan against thompson. Because why don. After that he went to college of the double winning team also and he might show that jodi armstrong. The you had to be jodi armstrong before you go to. The fullback petrified defender. Don was petrified defended at eight am basically. That's what they're doing now. That's that's got at the south gate. Somebody said yesterday. I can defend his vehicle manages our way but i don't get me into that one you know because wants bisoli. They wanna do they wanna go the owls. Stay out of the is you. You would stop watching football. That's what happens so thompson with that. That will be on your team shape. There will be no ever be now and then you look at midfield and I probably moved out of move out of the bowl inside although he done a fantastic job as a youngster out on the web and as a allendale of been xiaojun. I've seen him a on youtube and albert in token out me anyway he was just gonna to be in that team in that style. Eleven which he was because it was. It was something else i think. The odds are definitely apply. Joe jason sixty six. It was a greatest midfield player. One of the guys midfield plaza. And yeah he was on the bench so we fall for it. The the best winger in the country and meet phil prior in the country essay. The martin pay as was ten years ahead of his time while at that from. Are you up mine. I loved him as a person he was. He was a terrific clark and Well as welby also when jeff. Jeff was my landlord. Stout and judaism y for very another very well given where. It's you got a good weld cop but for me. He wouldn't have been in that same. It'd been joel. Jason adam bowling midfield. I'm afraid nobody's been in it for me The national air out. Because i want it. But i will find out if we win this strategy Deca ross will actually and Alongside the dagan gonna come out with moves. Heroes and the picture coming through the apple. Now with the declaration being mobbed in jet greece being ignored. When that's what it conor don but we were very very full. Janine sixty six that we falwell well caused pies out saying and i always say that it was mentioned last night. Actually frank nine mention it Grad someone did get the point across the national football club football and and to and which he wasn't one they frank himself and gerald. They're always at this problem with into because they would they would fantastic club but that next level appetizer never really reached that level..

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