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Subaru dot com. This guy checking on a sig alert on the window one freeway in Hollywood will have more details coming up in less than three minutes. It's four twenty two a shark attack survivors planning a fundraising event later this month, and you might be surprised with that money is being raised for the event is called run for sharks and ocean protection. And yes, despite being the target of an estimated ten foot shark Maria corks marris wants to do all she can to help save them after being bitten by a shark. I realize I'm not protected in the ocean. I'm there in someone else's habitat. I am a person who loves nature and for you to go out. And do what I wanna do. Swim in the ocean. Do you think like that? I need knowledge ports. Morrow says the events said for Newport dunes on November eighteenth will combine her love of running with her newfound passion to save sharks from human destruction. She says she's become obsessed with sharks since that fateful day. It see when she was attacked by a great white was swimming, the coast of corona del mar back in two thousand sixteen Chris Edens, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio Pasadena obstetrician accused of sexual misconduct. No longer treating patients Huntington Memorial Hospital. Dr Patrick Sutton's taken a leave of absence from his privileges. There. He's practice since nineteen eighty nine delivered more than six thousand babies. He's been accused of inappropriate touching and making suggestive remarks to patients there have been three disciplinary proceedings and a civil lawsuits gas prices in southern California and the rest of the country are dropping the average for a gallon of regular in LA county now three eighty two it's three seventy six in Orange County. Prices are nearly six cents lower than about ten days ago. Senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan. With gas buddy tells KNX. A big reason for the drop in the stock market decline last month, which led to lower oil prices comments from oil producers. Russia and Saudi Arabia have signaled that they may raise production should the international or take economy continue to improve and show growth says the reinstatement of sanctions on Iran could lead to an oil spike in the future. But he says that could be avoided if there's no impact to other countries importing Iranian.

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