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How in the world are you starting this game tonight after taking a hit just six days ago well let me question by asking you to close one is this is not the XFL yes it is to the polls yes I do is play football so ridiculous oh my gosh who are you let me ask you two questions yeah elle MRI or am I not Jeff prom I it yeah yes I am yes I am let's play football some it's amazing what happens then how many years ago was that we were gonna fall into when was that no no chance I was twenty eleven no no way there's no way that that was that reason full areas they're hearing on Monday let me see if I could figure out when this was was it all one what okay so here we are at nineteen years later the entire world would be gassed if something like this happen nineteen years ago were like yeah you're almost done not always playing six days later with a neck brace yeah yeah I mean it was it was NASCAR plus on a football field you know a Jeff about if we don't let's just not play football let's do something else for for a little bit first my guys literally there's a picture of the guy laying on his back and you can't see is faith his helmet is just twisted man it's not funny but it's just so funny okay they don't it away here we are let's play football Antonio in Washington Hey Antonio what's going on it was very how ya doing you know fantastic all one of us will what's happening with you no man used to appear on the parallel world down here there's a huge niner base up here in the in the north west I told you I'll see what else here one of your call if you start scores from boulder I know that was sandwich not sauce dish no he made a deal to use not a sauce watch my gosh leave okay well I I I totally agree with him I'm in have been you know on weekend being Shannon handing him a list products from from the day you know after the post hardware I mean yeah I think it's a great coach and you need your guy I believe in him we had a great run unfortunately it happened I expect us to be strong next year the only thing I'm gonna be on notice them when you lose their time we're get this rubble we eventually started losing players yes we are you know Antonio that's that's true at appreciated man good to hear from the upper Washington I mean there there are going to be changes next year I Erik Armstead I think it's less than fifty fifty to still be a forty niner next year Jimmie ward I don't know I think maybe sixty forty he is a manual Sanders I feel like forty sixty probably not a forty niner and then there will be new people on their way here and then who knows what exciting unforeseen things could happen not only in the draft but in free agency the forty Niners are very creative and prog rock day is very good at structuring contracts to keep flex ability could be surprise cuts I wouldn't be shocked if the forty Niners cut the Ford I will not be shocked you know there that that's a very high price to pay for someone who can't come in there and play most of the downs so could that free up money for them to go do something else I don't know but Kittle will be extended do you fall I expect them to be extended and and I think they address some things that they want to make just you know tighten up a little bit it'll be a very good football team next year are they gonna go thirteen and three and be a one seat again a lot to ask it has a lot to ask especially about division and now plan a first place schedule all right the T. K. B. boys are here we'll find out what they are cooking coming up next on these boards later we check on traffic as well sponsored by U. a local union three nine three U. a local union three nine three represents thousands of construction workers in the plumbing pipe fitting an H. back our service technician fields rob the South Bay even though the right the first time for over one hundred and fifteen years crash for cars headed toward the Kerr keen is banned from the top not a body traffic death it's an injury accident to ambulances have shown up and taking up the right lane this car crashed into the center divide east eighty before coming sky way but then landed on the right hand shoulder the CHP logs and the driver crawled out of the vehicle so maybe things will be okay right now traffic is starting to back up toward willow and then we've got significant delays for the Santa Cruz mountains with two separate stretches of landscaping type work going on southbound seventeen jams up from brush wrote it to the summit and again from Scotts valley to llama Drona that will go on until two and two thirty respectively out of San Francisco right now north one one is coming from Vermont street to the bay bridge.

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