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That's freedom for school dot com. Okay. The question now becomes what was in those reductions that the FBI now has retroactively redacted from the type notes and ham fisted Lee rushed to redact from the handwritten notes of the Catholic meeting. We're steel tells the Coen prog story he can't seem to remember his air quotes dossier, eight days later. Well, as Kathleen cavalier, the State Department official on October eleventh of two thousand sixteen is sitting there talking Christopher Steele, taking notes she's doing a little checking herself something the FBI trained criminal. Investigators investigating Trump either failed to do or did and ignored keep in mind. Ladies and gentlemen, when I'm about to tell you here they were talking about a State Department bureaucrat Kathleen cavalier who is not a criminal investigator in any way, shape or form who I can't get in her head. But I'm guessing in this interview with steel where he's talking about Cohen Prague, and this Trump Russian collusion fairy tale and all this nonsense. My guests is she's a little skeptical about steals information why because we have a little section redlined out her type notes, which she sends onto the FBI later. This is important to read this to you. He also winds up talking to meeting steel about this guy, Mikhail Kalugin. It's not it don't worry about it too much. But she starts talking about steel starts talking about Kalugin travel. So during the meeting it's pretty apparent Kavulich is doing some checks. She writes, and it's the circle here. Thanks to my buddy and parts of it are redacted. This is key his travel history. Indicates he arrived in the US at Dulles on April. Four twenty sixteen departed at Dulles on August eighteen twenty sixteen. She's talking about this guy Kalugin who steals talking about in the meeting, then there, she's checking the travel history of another guy. She says an Andre Bandera appeared to be in the country as of late September two thousand sixteen whose most recent I ninety four which is a travel document indicates he arrived on August. Twenty nine twenty sixteen at Dulles airport. It's important to note that there is no Russian consulate in Miami and common. Okay. Don't worry. Don't worry. I'm going to explain how devastating this is. So I free some information. We have the FBI knowingly sworn information from it unreliable source is that the source can't even remember his own story to the FBI. Tidbit number two, the F B I has this information and retroactively redacted the high defect that he told it unreliable story to two separate people. And they swore to it point number three. The FBI swears in their own FIS that they have no derogatory information about steel despite having it point number four. There's a redaction in the middle of this piece where the State Department officials skeptical of all of these Russians traveling to the United States and start checking out I don't know on texts or the treasury for whatever access database. She has she starts checking to see if these people actually came to the United States or left, and she figures it out quickly the actual dates now on the handwritten notes she actually circles at one point. Remember, those were the type notes with the red line on her handwritten notes as she's talking about with steel all these Russians come into the United States and stuff she has August eighteenth. And she circles it right underneath it indicating Joe that she's getting information, and she's double check. Checking it look at that right there. It's up on a handwritten note. Right Benita, Cohen, prog note, she's talking about flying in the United States in early August. In other words, Christopher Steele, follow me here. This part maybe a little bit. Confusing. Steel is telling our this Russian traveled to the United States from late July early August, he doesn't give her a date right beneath that on her written notes she circles August eighteenth..

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