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Retaliating by painting all of the balls maroon it's it is a great story and it it's one of the few other things about team sports i might interest myself enough in suing got it on it some time later i like a little subversion through it meant makes it super fun had if it it's a it's fascinating anyway so niece nece original game of basketball to get back to basketball i had thirteen rules not going to read them all but they included that the bulk could be thrown or batted with one or both hands but not with a fist shouldering holding pushing tripping and striking opponents were all fouls as was hitting the ball with the fist the game was played in two 15minute halves with a five minute rest but otherwise the clock did not stop during play so it was a fairy fastpaced game not a lot of stopping a plea low compared to today although it wasn't listed in the thirteen original rules the game started with a jump ball or a tip off at center court and both teams returned to centrecourt for another jump ball after baskets were scored soon after naismith drafted the first set of rules women's colleges in the northeastern of taking of basketball as well send a berenson of smith let's released an adapted rule set for women in eighteen 92 in eighteen ninety six she headed up a committee to create an even further modified set of rules for girls which made the game so much easier and less intense that a lot of programs especially west of the mississippi just ignored them and had the girls play by what were called the quote boys rules especially for girls teams that had already been playing by the same rules as everyone else at they were like phnom not doing that.

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