Anthony Scaramucci, Reporter, President Trump discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Executive bill shine was an interesting group and raise some questions who like that to you he asked i said i couldn't give him that information he responded by threatening to fire the entire white house communications office they do it what i'm going to do is i will eliminate everyone in the coms team and we'll start over he said i laughed at sure if he really believe that such a threat will convince our journalist reveal a source he continued depress me and complained about the staff he's inherited in his new job i ask these guys not leak anything and they can help them mm subsea said you're an american citizen this is a major catastrophe for the american country so i'm asking who is an american patriot to give me a sense of who leaked does anthony scaramucci understand that the media out to destroy them that this guy's never going to give up a name they would normally but under these circumstances never in scar emojis view the fact that the word of the dinner had reached a reporter was evidence that his rivals in the west wing particularly wrench priebus the white house chief of staff for plotting against him well they have publicly maintain that there is no bear bub between them scaramucci in previous have been feuding for much you know what i would do a fire president i know i'm not so this'll a on deaf ears i'd firing both what i would do after the election trump askar emoji joined his administration scaramucci sodas company skybridge capital in anticipation of taking on a senior all but previous didn't want him in the white house had successfully blocked him for being appointed to a job until last week when trump offered him the communication job of her previous has vehement objection previous has a bad guy he's a bad guy i've never liked it i believe he's thoroughly deceitful and dishonest i don't know why the president hired him i really don't any probably is a big laker so fire ham all this chaos going on in response thick skin removed she's appointment sean spicer obviously he resigned mother loser.

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