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Is a the. It's ridiculous to think that these jurors thinking of anything other than what the consequences are of what they say because they know they're huge and not just for the the family or for the police Or the city but their family their children. You know their job man i. We should pray for these jurors that somehow or another. They are protected. And they can feel that glenn beck program thing of all the quarantine purchases you have made late night pizza deliveries the online trainer. You ghosted after two weeks. Then there's one of the biggest purchases of the year insurance. Americans overspend on car insurance by billions of dollars every single year and that money could have been spent on more pizza. I'm just saying the zebra is the nation's leading insurance comparison site for car and home insurance within minutes. You can compare policies from major provider for free all in one independent marketplace after a few quick questions the repairs people with the right insurance company for them helping everybody save time and money you can buy online or over the phone with one of their license insurance agents. There's no hidden fees no fine print about any of your information at all best of all. The zebra has no.

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