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A nice little upgrade. We brought you this week by squarespace start building or was it. Today's squarespace dot com slash. Atp and offer code atp checkout to get ten percent off. Make your next move with squarespace. Squarespace makes it very easy to make websites whether it's simple websites from you know paid youtube information about your business to things that are traditionally pretty hard and complex to try to make yourself. Things like storefronts or podcast hosting or dynamic image galleries and video stuff. All that is possible on squarespace. No matter what your skill level is it's all easy and it all looks professional. There's no coding required. You don't have to be a programmer or a designer or server admin to renaissance squarespace. They do all of that for you. The tools are all super easy. Visual you drag and drop stuff. You live preview stuff. You're never dealing with any lines of code or css or anything like that and your site is hosted by them on their infrastructure so we can tolerate any kind of load at my get and you don't have to worry about things like server maintenance or keeping your site up to date keeping the software updated and installing security patches. They take care of all of that for you. If you need help you can go to their support team. Their award-winning twenty. Four seven support. But honestly it's so easy anybody can use base and you probably won't even use their support from honest. I suggest trying to try to make your website on squarespace because you can do it other ways. I mean i have but it's really not fun to make websites most other ways and it's not a good use of your time and squarespace really does get let you do. Incredible things very quickly and easily. And then there's just no hassle down the road so see for yourself starting a free trial at squarespace dot com slash. Atp when you decide to sign squarespace make sure to head back there. Squarespace dot com slash. Atp offer code atp to get ten percent off your first purchase that squarespace dot com slash atp offer code atp for ten percent off your first purchase. Make your next move. Width squarespace ipad.

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