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It's six o'clock good morning researchers asked what would have happened if we approach the pandemic differently if the U. S. started social distancing one week sooner thirty six thousand fewer people would have died it's morning edition from NPR news the president made a false claim that Michigan sent out millions of absentee ballots he made his latest threat to cut off funding I'm Steve Inskeep and I'm no well king coming up we'll talk to Michigan's secretary of state during this pandemic leadership is crucial good leaders have saved lives today we look at different styles in Germany uncle Americal is viewed as one of the best crisis managers in the world in the U. K. Boris Johnson's leadership is seen as too little too late it's Thursday may twenty first actor judge Reinhold the sixty three today yeah live from NPR news I'm korva Coleman the labor department says another two point four million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week the corona virus pandemic continues to hammer the job market more than thirty eight million people filed for benefits in the past nine weeks officials at the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi Texas say they have quote neutralized an active shooter at the base it remains locked down base officials say local law enforcement and naval security forces remain at the scene president trump is traveling to Michigan today he'll be touring a Ford Motor Company plant that's been repurposed to make ventilators and beers Franco or don't yes it says it's unclear if the president will wear a mask during his visit president trump's reluctance to wear a facemask is well known but today he's visiting a plant where the policy requires everyone in the factory to wear personal protective equipment including a mask the president said this week that he would wear one if it was appropriate but he said he needed to know more it depends on what situation of my standing right next to everybody or a money spread out and also you look you know it is something the hospital is an award is it what is it exactly I I'm going to a plant so we'll see the company says it will allow the White House to make its own determination on appropriate safety precautions Franco or down yes NPR news thousands of residents of Midland Michigan have been evacuated from flooding after two dams burst in Thorpe of member station W. C. M. U. reports shelter workers are keeping beds six feet apart the whiting handrails regularly and frequently washing their hands outside of one of the shelters Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer stressed that even during a five hundred year flood the risks from the virus remained high shelter workers say evacuees are well aware of the risks some shelter residents reportedly slept outside in their cars Ben Thorpe reporting a senior US envoy has made a surprise visit to Afghanistan to try to shore up the deal signed between the US and the Taliban the envoy says he also press the Taliban to help find two missing U. S. citizens NPR's diaa Hadid reports from Islamabad envoys all my fellows out quick regional tour comes just weeks after his last round of visits to try to keep the deal moving at stake is part of the deal which calls for Taliban government prisoner exchange and peace talks the Afghan government which promised to uphold the agreement is resisting releasing thousands of Taliban prisoners as the deal urges and the insurgents continue to attack government forces saying they only agreed to stop fighting foreign troops hello that said on Twitter that he also press the Taliban on finding U. S. contractor who was abducted in late January and another man Paul Overby who disappeared in twenty fourteen while on his way to meet a senior militant linked to the Taliban for an interview D. had date NPR news Islamabad this is NPR news at six oh four I'm cherry Glazer with KCRW news today is a big day in Ventura county some restaurants and stores there are going to start welcoming customers back inside to dine and shop is KCRW's Magill reports the county is moving ahead with an accelerated plan for re opening Ventura county is among more than thirty California counties that received approval by state health officials to fastrack re opening for the first time since mid March shoppers will be allowed inside stores and diners can pull up a chair at a restaurant and eat inside businesses welcoming back patrons have to prove they're following fiscal distancing guidelines and register with county health authorities but your account is re opening comes at the behest of county public health officer Dr Robert left an earlier this week he sent a twenty three page letter to state authorities detail inventors efforts to safeguard the public and lobbying for a faster re opening governor Gavin Newsom is said if cases start spiking reopening counties will have to slow their plans Madera county is the largest and only southern California county to win approval for an accelerated re opening so far it's recorded less than a thousand cases of covert nineteen and about thirty deaths from the virus for KCRW I met Gillam a new study from USC has found that people living in low income communities in south LA don't have the means to cool their homes and that poses a threat to their health and their lives KCRW's cerise castle has the details last year was the second hottest year on record according to the world meteorological organization he kills more people in the.

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