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But during the year, that's why at Oliver at one point looked like the first or second pick now is around that fourteenth spot to Atlanta. I think as far as a running back owes Trayvon Williams at Texas A and M if he runs great heat had a phenomenal year for JIMBO Fisher, he jumps in Dexter Lawrence than play in the in the meaningful games at the end with the suspension. He is a freakish town if he has those big time numbers at three hundred and forty pounds, he jumps heavily high that defensive tackle group, especially with Jeff. For Simmons coming off the AC L from Mississippi State and his stock dropping a bit at the Thompson safety at Alabama. Didn't have a great second half of the season two. Now the big plays. But he's a talented kid. He test great. He could be in the late first early second round discussion. And as I said earlier, I want to see what Andy Isabella UMass receiver. Retirement runs, your fastest guy. Umass. But how does that translate to the rest of the draft class? We'll see when he gets the the Annapolis this week almost every year at the combine you get some guy that you guys know, but the average person does who becomes a story. I remember years ago. It was my namesake Matt Jones that ended up playing himself after a combine into a first round pick. Give me a guy that you think after the combine nobody's talking about. But we start talking about. Akeem Butler, Iowa State. There's a kid. That's got you know, down the field. Ability separation is the key. If he would his height runs. Well, Matt he's gonna go. Hi. All right into Butler wide receiver. I was state. We'll keep that in mind it came Butler. Now, you you and I talked a little bit off air about Colorado. You would not throw if you were him right though. I wouldn't throw I wouldn't run either. And because you'll need to it's the most important things they interview and football IQ and being able to say, hey, all about football, which we know he is now and don't put yourself in a position where you're standing on the field in my opinion with somebody six four six five when you're five nine you don't need to be standing there next Daniel Jones, or or whoever it may be drew lock your Ryan Finley. You don't need that the show up medical look many. I talked to him interview. That's it that visual comparison, it'll be striking. If you standing there next to somebody six or seven inches taller than you. Everybody right now is talking about Duke and college basketball Zion. Other teams Kentucky Virginia, Gonzaga, Tennessee have a shot, but what team outside. Of the top five could make a run to actually win.

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