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The giants win the pennant. sixty four years ago today. three meters on BBC television when the show was revived in the nineteen nineties it launched the careers of Ryan Gosling Justin Timberlake Christina Aguilera J. C. Chas as Kerry Russell and Britney spears thanks Mickey. I thank. fifty eight years ago nineteen sixty one Nashville's country music hall of fame elected Jimmie Rodgers Hank Williams and Fred rose co founder of the A. cuff rose music publisher company as its first members speaking of first on this day in nineteen seventy four Frank Robinson became major league baseball's first black manager we took over to manage the Cleveland Indians eight years ago today we remember it well two thousand eleven convicted American murderer Amanda Knox had her sentence overturned in an Italian court she was a retired retried re convicted sentenced to twenty eight and a half years and then four years later twenty fifteen Italy's Supreme Court finally acquitted her birthday's today include Lena Headey you know a better SRC Lannister on game of thrones she's forty six Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet boys is forty eight as you look at this stage he would be the third from the left. Gwen Stefani is fifty. Happy Birthday Tommy Lee..

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