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This is one A. I'm Joshua Johnson. We are discussing consensus building with Kansas governor, Laura Kelly and considering ways to succeed when there are people actively pursuing your political failures or difficulties with some questions about the work between a democratic governor Andy largely Republican legislature now governor Kelley, you issued your first veto this week as I understand it on a Bill that was estimated to cut state taxes by a half billion dollars. Over three years in your veto message. He wrote, quote, the tax Bill would have created another self-inflicted budget crisis, unquote. And you put self inflicted budget crisis in quotes, I assume you're referring to what came to be known as the Kansas experiment under your predecessor, governor Brownback. That's exactly what I always heard ferring to you know, in twenty twelve and then again at twenty thirteen the Kansas legislature voted for radical tax cuts in the very first year alone. Revenues plummeted by seven hundred million dollars. That's more than we lost during the entire great recession. So the impact was deep, and it was swift. If we were to let the tax cuts that have been proposed go through this year. We would take an immediate you turn, you know, in in two thousand seventeen by the way, a bipartisan coalition of legislators came. Together and be in essentially repealed, the Brownback tax experiment, if we were to impose tax cuts again right now, we take an immediate u-turn. And we would we would fall off the cliff as we did that because, you know, at least in two thousand twelve twenty thirteen when those tax cuts came to be we were able to fill some of the gaps between revenue and expenses using you know, various pots of money around the state, particularly our department of transportation our pension system, a pool money investment account there there were different kinds of things or things that could be eliminated. We we eliminated the Kansas bioscience authority that freed up fifty million dollars. And we use that just to plug holes. We did all of those things and bought time before there was just no more to do. And that's why we reversed. In two thousand seventeen if we make cuts now, we don't have any cushion, you we will. It'll just be a cutting our schools, cutting our.

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