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Netflix, Dr Eric Thomas, Wanna discussed on The Model Health Show


I share your podcast with all my writers in hopes they too can get the inspiration information and motivation I received from this show. Thank you so much for what you do for the world. I am truly grateful grateful for all the information you have glass my family with that is so incredible. Thank you so much. I mean Ober Uber. You know what's so funny. Is that just a couple of weeks ago ago. I shared this insight that I had recently about the power that this phone this device that we all have everybody listening has us the opportunity to create income for themselves just by having this simple device in their hands and so whether this is through uber through lift through door dash through post mates. You don't have to go through some crazy interview process to make money to get a job. You don't have to put on the the right ty you know the Abo- whatever you don't have to try to you know let me learn how to interview like you can literally just grab your phone and start to make an income you know and no matter how we do you are of course you know it'd be too weird. You know what I'm saying but this is such a great opportunity that we've never had before but it comes with a another dimension of it does this is parallel universe where there are other businesses that are in conflict with it right. We've got uber now but what about cab companies they've taken a huge hit but this this creates an opportunity to adapt right. We don't WANNA be like blockbuster video and not adapt when Netflix shows his face blockbuster had it locked down they they had the income they had the potential infrastructure but they were just like people are always gonna WanNa come to our store. Are you kidding me and so they a leftist huge opportunity open for someone else to take control of their market share now. I think there's one blockbuster video left at things like in Alaska somewhere if I recall all but I even felt that when Netflix came along I was just like I still felt this pool like I need to go out and work for this video experience. You know what I'm saying but then it just became a reality late wow I can't believe that I used to go out there and stand by the box and hope that somebody's going to return the video that I wanna see like we all get it on demand now you know and so it creates this opportunity right. There's this duality but we have the opportunity to grow and adapt and so I just want to remind us of the opportunity so it's not just through those apps but through the APPs of being a social media influence serve in creating content and maybe being of service and coaching coaching other people through that medium. There's no stopping you creating music right. There's so many people that are transforming the world through putting music on soundcloud out and there's just an entire generation that's just crushing if through that platform so there's no more gatekeepers that those days are over but we have to take advantage and to do that by instilling positively into it and and impacting other people's lives thank you so much for taking me with you on your ride with your with with your pickups being lift driver. I think it's just profound and I am so grateful for that and everybody thank you so much for taking me with you. No matter where you are right right now whether you're in the gym where the out walking you know taking the dogs out whether you're just kicking back and taking some knows whether you are you know doing some household chores whatever it might be. Thank you so much. I'm so grateful to be a part of your life and today I want to deliver a really profound powerful gift to you. In the form of love Dr Eric Thomas Now he is again the number one motivational speaker in the world and he didn't get this esteem on a straight track you know this Smith was literally homeless at one point in his teens and and he shared the story many times and even on past episodes of the show being forced is to live in abandoned buildings and eat out trash cans and he dropped out of high school right but he got his. Ged then he struggled through college college and ended up getting his bachelor's finally got his masters degree got his doctorate but he's not running around saying Dr Eric Thomas He's really like I'm a real person with with real world challenges and I WANNA share what I've learned with the rest of the world and such a great human being on top of being a great speaker but but in this episode we're really talking about some of the things that matter a lot to me right now. which is how do we operate in a medium where our children are not going through the same challenges oranges that we are right? It's updated issues that we're talking about today. So we're talking about parenting. We're talking about relationships with our significant other which might be a value to any any of us and we're also talking about our mindset when it comes to our financial well being as well so there's a lot here and so now we're going to jump into this conversation Russian with the one and only Dr Eric Thomas. I know that you guys just had a anniversary you indeedy right Sir her twenty nine years twenty nine years. It's hard to big what his next year after death when I got a I think it's like a silver gold. Oh we messed it. We messed it up. Because on our twenty first her mother was diagnosed with cancer a few years before the dodgers was kind of like you know it's a wrap goes six months which are family and you know what I'm saying so by the grace of God we decided twenty first to do it says she was still alive live and we roll it because she's still alive at the thirty because I go nowhere yeah so we messed up the silver gold the thing but we're GONNA do substance. It's thirty figure we'll do some little small something somewhere that's bag because people know you to be the number one motivational speaker on the planet you can't get to that position without being spectacular and other areas and one of those things is relationships and so this is something that I'm always tuning into you for paying attention inch into because for you you and are growing up. We didn't have a lot of examples so a lot of stuff has been on the job training and so I believe by the way I think you guys bursary might be on my birthday was the date the twenty third of all that's my birthday so I came forget a- as awesome but yeah so just to kind of get to the to the mechanics of it all you not having a framework of what that looks like twenty nine years you you know what I'm saying so what was one of the early steps that you saw like to break that pattern of people falling apart and and making a relationship work what are some of those qualities and things that that figure out so is like hurts every time I say but I remember I was on campus and I was a part of a ministry. That's when I kinda I realized I had a gift to speak yeah and so I'll probably was over using it and I used to be on campus with my boys. Every Tuesday Thursday Sunday we had an event called belltower and we went like we start at night and I think we got into a discussion afterwards. I must have bought two o'clock in the morning like we were ended about ten. Eleven at night was a nighttime thing and then we'd be talking and whatever and I was married but I was a sophomore in college but I married you don't have to my freshman year and I remember going home this one particular night two o'clock in the morning and I remember the Didi like she cries. She wasn't crying like physical tears like you could tell she was upset. Yeah and I also like not them and I was like come on what's up. She'd like nothing like no for real be honest what's up. She's like you know what I love you but I wish I had married. You and I was like Whoa and she was like not like I don't love you. Don't I WANNA be with you but it was better when we were friends. It's kind of like once I got married to you. You compartmentalize me and put me away. It's like you take ak everything but when we were dating and you were seeking me like you were trying to get me to marry you like I was a priority but now kind of seems like now that you have secure at me. I'm over in a corner somewhere. So when you finish doing everything you do then you get me but when we were dating and we were friends like I was I and everything else can that hit hit me hard like Whoa as it was at that point I was like Yo you gotta get back to the friendship you gotta get back to. DVD's your best friend so I think a lot of times their relationships was we say I do not consciously maybe but subconsciously that person is no longer in the friend zone so we're not hunting like we used to hunt before you know and it's kind of like I captured it and so I can go onto and so for me. It was like you gotta get back to friendship or more point you gotta gotta get back to the hunt. Now you gotta find a way even though you made her to keep coming up with these ways to her and go after and make her feel like she's desired and not like you know yes a second thought or so for me. I think that was the thing that really term. Ah relationship around all my relationships with my children. I'm still on on that. Okay fine ways to make them when Jada was four and you'd come through the door. She would be run like daddy well. She's twenty one now and so she's in school so you're not coming through the door no more but what are the things you can do the still make her WanNa run and go daddy you know. CJ business partner but when he met you when he was twenty two twenty three he was like Yo not up to you what are things you can do even though he's grown with kids Mary still make CJ GO WHOA E. T. You know what I'm saying. So it's like Michael. Would you are playing but Mike. What do you do five years? Ten Years Fifteen years into the game is still make people go whoa. MJ NOT OH. I see 'em Jay do that a million times unbelievable believable man. That's for you to have that like click. Take place or early on. I think that's a gift you know what I'm saying because a lot of people don't get to that until later in life if they get to they get you the and one of the things to whenever end up ironing something from my wife I think about you do I'll be in the airport news. Just walk up to be like E. You know as your autumn like Brown even know you like what do you mean my bra being the unstoppables in the Washer yeah so I guess that'll be a part of my legacy. Yeah that's crazy how you can get attached to those. They say people's minds awesome man but you know what's so crazy is that you know for me and my relationship with my wife. We didn't have examples again and we literally had to add a point because we love. There's love isn't enough which is crazy to you. Say that you know because there's a song I think the Beatles or John Lennon all we need is love and we love isn't enough. He should explain that breaks sound alson bars but you know we really had to study. You know we had to study relationships we study and find out about ourselves and the way that we because people communicate the difference is and this is one of the things you've been on the last couple of years and I've been fortunate enough to be around and see it and as a see people's lightbulb moment. I realized wait a minute. I'm communicating skating. My way is right to other people in my life. Whether it's your kids your co workers and so what what for you what got you connected to thinking about Dan he's different assessments yeah yeah you know right now. What we call it extreme execution yeah because exactly what you said I realize love is not enough like a and good is never enough like you really have to execute as an extreme level here in order to keep stuff? You know what I'm saying and so for me it was Chris Daniels. He was the first one introduced me to these personality assessments to disk and I took it in. I thought I was doing it like everybody else. Doing about a doctor who had gone to for years like the office is different brands like the test but the way you facilitate it and to your point I went to Australia speak English. I've been to London. They speak English. I've been to Louisiana Ziada. They speak English but it's different English like his to say his English was different. Dialect some the choice the word replay is different and I realized in life when you say love you mean something totally different. When you say love say love and I'd say love I mean playing Ohio? We'll go to the beach driving in the car at sunset. When did he says it she means we're going to bill the church? You say like physically Oy drywall. She means my she means cleaning. She means spring cleaning like did he means picking weeds. You know I I mean let's spend time together. Did City says work so we had to like what is love me loving me. DVD's is paying bills and making sure you pay bill is keeping the house clean for me is who cares about the house. It's not easy him. You know let's watch Netflix zeal totally different but we want to accomplish the same thing in this partnership and friendship and is accomplishing things but the language is different so I had to learn..

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Netflix, Dr Eric Thomas, Wanna discussed on The Model Health Show

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