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Harsh and. I helped him early on That was And i i met him in the nineteen ninety three in phoenix for upper research conference and and he wrote a book paper in our book. efficiency of racetrack betty markets. That's the bible for the hong kong. racing teams And what dancer did was to things he he he actually looked at prices and it took him a while to start reading but then he got system together well and he was very successful and what he did. She actually made it work in hong kong there in the early days. There were. You could get into the odds pools every twelve seconds so that was a big advantage that they had and you had computerized betting and and He was very successful. It's a good His The main paper that he wrote is in our book efficiency of racetrack. Benny markets the original copies were expensive Some sold for ten thousand dollars on ebay But there's there's eighty dollars one that's Available now. I did a second edition. So that's efficiency a very strict vetting markets. You'll find paper in there. And he was a very successful guy and he's still Still active in the business. I was the expert witness in a court. Case of of one of the fellows who work with him created his own team later so i did that hongkong last few years. Why would that have been alan woods. No no Which i never met He has one paper in one books. But no it's another group that basically well. It's kind of complicated story. What happened was this was a guy who were bent for fifteen years. He knew the horses well. He was not chinese. He hired a whole bunch of chinese Masters in statistics students and they created a new model but they also hired a statistician chinese statistician and developed a better model and his model basically the chinese statistician basically stole them out And the court case was about proving that he stole the model and what was interesting. There was the partnership Who was.

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