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They were in the third seed in their division, so they had they had Florida had home ice advantage and open around. They took care of Florida. Carolina had home ice advantage. They took care of Carolina. And then they had home ice advantage against the Islanders, who arguably probably one of the better teams in the Eastern or Western Conference. I think if you go 1234, you could say Lightning, Islanders, Avalanche and Vega And take whatever picking where you want, and the Islanders had to go through a litany. If you like the Penguins and the Bruins and the Capitals. It wasn't easy space for them. They played a really good Islanders team. Tell you what, no joke The Florida Panthers. They're going to be a team that's going to keep me up a little bit. At night. Next year. That team is young. They're feisty. They're hungry. They got a great young goaltender who has the ability if they put the right people in front of them to be not as good as Vasi, but he could be a top five NHL goaltender in Spencer Night. The Panthers are very young organization there under the cap. They got some money and play. They got some good players embark. Aww. And they got great coaching joke involved as want to come with Chicago. I mean, they're they're Skylanders are going to be back again next year, Lula Morello, one GM of the year, they're going to sign a couple of guys. They're probably gonna get bars l assigned to a long term contract. They need to keep them because they got rid of Um, who is the guy to bars? A couple years ago went to Toronto thinking he was going to win a come up there. Oops. Um And you know, the Lightning just did what they had to do with Montreal. Montreal was in over their heads from the get go. I don't think the lightning tank game for Montreal just had to leave it on the ice that game. Because if they would have got swept, they would have never heard the end of it. And what is it with Montreal fans giving death threats to lightning family members? Players crazy? Yeah, so they they were leaving death threats and damning people on lightning organization and the players. About, you know, better watch their family and all this stuff. Come on one. It's a game to sorry Your country sucks at hockey. The game that you guys invented. Sorry players. I saw people 50% the leaders, at least Canadian. Sorry, Your team sucks. Sorry. You don't have the wherewithal to feel the team that could be competitive in today's NHL. Sorry again next year, you're gonna suck even more. So screw Akhund, Canadian fans. That's what I got to say about that. Yeah. So, Corey Yes. How electric was it for you to be there and witness game pride? Oh, man. Yeah. Uh, so it definitely definitely started picking up, uh, towards the second half of the secondary. Once once we scored, that's when everything when just But we You on the team? No, no, no, I'm sorry. Wait once he's so into it now, I know I Yeah, Fork. I love sports. Uh, yeah. Once once they scored like everything just started getting that you could just feel the stress and everything was just getting more and more and more tense and then Just the last. I don't know. 10 minutes. You just I don't think I stopped bouncing or I don't think I I breathed for the last five minutes. It was insane. So I think it was the second period before going to the third period. I wanted a double shot of burden just because I need to calm myself because to me, it's just It's the Stanley Cup. It's hockey. Yeah, I mean, there's not many times that I say that. You know if your team is in and the ability to freaking walk away with the championship At the gate at home. You got to be there. You got to make a way to find your way in whether it's the through costs. I mean, whether you know someone who knows someone who knows someone Or two. Maybe just use your advantages to your advantage. You gotta be there because there's nothing like watching your team win a championship. In front of you. It is one of the most electric feelings ever. The TV doesn't do it. Justice. I've watched the video I shot of the last two seconds, probably about 1000 times. Just because just to see the jubilation of those guys knowing that they busted their ass, and really folks, you got to think about it. They started playing last season, They had three months off. Then they played their season was done in October of last year. Then he pick it up in January and play it again. You got to think about over the last Year and a half they've had, like about two months off. You know they're going to have two months off now and start playing again in October. And I mean they just Hockey players to me and I'm not saying I'm not saying anything in football players. I love football. I love the game of football of the strategy. I love the way those guys condition themselves. But you know, if you're on defense, you get a little break when the offense comes on vice versa. Hockey. You're out there. Skating your balls off for about 40 seconds. Guys running at you a puck flying 110 miles an hour past your head or your blocking it. Again sticks in the face you're getting from you go rest on the bench for probably 75 seconds And then you're back out. There it is. Going balls out again, for another part, 45 50 seconds. And just to see the way not normally when you see the Stanley Cup and you know there was that, uh, commercial, the NHL was running about time running down and everybody just blowing their gloves and six and Helmets in the air, and they would gather around whether it be sent a rice or the bench or the guys. Everybody to a man rushed. Bassett. Yes, because they know that another clinching shut out the fifth one in the last there to, uh Stanley Cup years. The guy was just He was the reason why they wanted like like, Petrov said in his drunken stupor that Vashti is the champion. He is the real M v. P. He is the one who Enabled them to do everything that they needed to do is to his credit. Everybody just mobbed him, which was phenomenal, and I couldn't be happier for for a player. You just gave it all and gave his off. And I mean, no one's ever said you know he had any type of it. I mean, if you look at all the different scrums during the playoffs in the gold trees He was always on the bottom of those piles like an £1200 of guys on top of him. You know which way his body was contorted during all that? But it's just a salute The testament to these guys how tough they are, how committed they were as a team. I love that they each other and the respect they had for each other..

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