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From Corolla. One studios in Glendale, California. This is the Adam Corolla show yesterday. Rob Schneider banned from the comedy lineup, Tim Dillon, Gina grant on news and Brian on sound effects. And now. He hates the players and the games. I'm coral on, got to get it on a judge. Curiel in tell the friend would love to share the show with a friend and could day Tina grand daddy, you ball Brian. I bet is rob Schneider. Everybody he is with the vengeance. Yes, I'm back real robs and show season two Ville now to binge on net flicks produces directs and he star by choice and stars at beautiful wive. We got stand up shows coming up in Sarasota Florida the weekend. That's mccurdy's. Comedy club are theater that is this Friday, Saturday. Sorry. Yeah, Friday, not sunny Friday and Saturday. This Friday, Saturday, and there's Jacksonville. That's comedy Joan. That's August seventeenth eighteenth in LA Hoya comedy store here over there. Yeah, August twenty four twenty five could see my friend. Good to see you. Great to be back here. We're having a nice conversation before the show started. I got high hopes for this one. Well, it was spawned by max Paddison. Do you know Alex Jones is? And I said, I not really. I've heard the name, but I don't really. No, who he is. I have this, this negative associated with people think of him as fire starter something, but I don't care. And then somebody said, well, you don't know Alice Jones's. And then I say, I sit next to drew and crew goes nuts over flatter Thor's and I keep saying him who cares? And he goes. And I go, what? What percentage of people think the earth is flat? And then if that percentage of people do think it's flat, you know what? What are we to do? I Wilson had parts of the earth are flat. That's right. That's right. Let's say that let's get. Avails salt flats, right? And the God damn name. So they're not one hundred percent wrong. No one's one hundred percent wrong. And then there's this other place called rascal Flatts. That's right that that band rascal Flatts outs fan. Yeah, but either way it's piece terra firma I'm sure that. Yeah, exactly what Ted this counters pretty flat. So you know, I don't. I, I'm only driven crazy that Dr drew is driven crazy by flat earth IRS, and it's a new thing where you have to tell everyone to get off it, like just let them let it go move on. I just think that there's a certain charge in that, and I'll be honest with you. I think certain elitism charge that they get off of that, like I need not only is this incorrect which it is, but I need to correct it so I can get the credit for correcting it. I can help these people. So there's a sense of this strange elitism. I find that especially from our friend Dr drew you heard me. Well, it's an interesting wiring that I think we all have, but I but here's my, here's my take on it. Maybe I should have this yourself. Have my no either direction. There's some nuanced arguments to make about gun control or registration, or when should it be legal? And then you could go, well, you gotta wait to your twenty one to have alcohol, but you can get a gun at eighteen and I go..

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