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Be allowed to continue to vote on issues facing the city. The special commission. Really? The felony charge involved alleged conduct that occurred approximately three years ago. And that's been public knowledge. For most of that time without any effect on the functioning of his office was actually a Republican Counselors Save Young's job. Steve Goodman didn't vote to suspend and what fellow Republican Betsy Siderman called a plot to get another GOP member appointed to council moves it now appears to have backfired. Brian Coleman's NewsRadio. 700. W. W, A spokesman for the Ohio Department of Transportation, says it is the kind of accident that should never happen. Matt Bruning, asking people once again to watch out for road crews after the death of a flag ER on a construction project in Butler County 21 year old Alexander King was struck by a car while directing traffic on state Route 73 near Jackson Burgh Road. The accident remains under investigation in the first lawsuit of its kind. Ohio's attorney general wants Google to be declared a public utility state. A G Dave Yost has filed suit in Delaware County, accusing Google of anti competitive practices, saying that because it is the dominant Internet search engine, Google has an obligation to treat all users and all information the same. Comparing it to a railroad or the electric company. Yost's lawsuit seeks to declare Google public utility subject to regulation and not prioritizing its own products. I'm Jack Crumley. On Wall Street right now, the Dow up four points. NASDAQ's picked up 20 s and P has gained one. Our next update at two o'clock. I'm Rick. You Chino news radio 700 wlw to show you how easy it is to file a claim with Geico. We hired a Shakespearean actor woes me. Wherefore art claims help when I had a defender Benda.

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