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MAX Shea in the recent days in all has he been in the news he's been kicked out of the house GOP caucus after a house report linked him to domestic terrorism well representative shake get kicked out of office and we'll have more on that later so who is this guy we like to bring in someone who's covered him for years she's listed telly host of Bundy video podcast in an independent journalist whose the writer Ford in wonder Washington post in many other publications welcome to the show Leah how are you and thanks for being on I'm not bad thanks for having me good good so how long have you been following Matt Shea covering him so yeah I started following Shea I I started hearing about him years ago are probably around twenty twelve when I was a staff writer at The Inlander newspaper over in Spokane but I started working on my own shade stories starting in the summer of twenty eighteen and I was aware of him because I covered the twenty sixteen occupation of the now your National Wildlife Refuge to where people came in and occupied the federal property in Oregon and I knew that Shea was involved in some way so that was sort of what sparked my interest in twenty sixteen and a lot of that and a lot more has come out of his involvement in and details have come out of his involvement there's been a one hundred more than one hundred page report released documenting how involved he was but we wanted to kind of go back to who is this man and it in what can you tell us about incidents in his past whether it's and we've heard everything from he's got a temper road rage incidents a history with his ex wife what can you tell us about him right he is in his sixth term as a legislator for Spokane valley for that district for and you don't in his entire tenure in office has been colored with all these really outrageous incident so for example you know news came away pretty early in his career and that his wife his ex wife had alleged that that she had it he had grabbed her so hard during arguments that he left bruises on her arms on that he had really bizarre request for her like she couldn't get out of bed before hand that she had to walk on his left side because the a man carries the word on the right side really kind of longer things like that but then with each other it seems like with each time he was reelected there is there something more so there was a road rage incident and around twenty twelve I believe where I eat it was alleged that need through an unregistered handgun from his glove compartment those charges were ultimately dropped on there were all kinds of things about when I he had a somewhat a woman was running against him in one race he took photos of her house and took photos of himself outside of her house and posted them on social media so with each you know what time he's been in office there's been these the thing that he's done they've been really outrageous but the thing that's always been really constant about match Jay is that represents this real kind of extreme right wing ideology really anti government idea is that he's very open about it you know what and and time proper mentality that you talk often about that or not what if the world ends but we went in society collapses what are we gonna do with that sort of opportunity he frames that as something of an opportunity to reform society and he put together this biblical basis for war manifesto can you talk about that yes you know I'm in the fall of twenty eighteen and and what that wise was on this document and that you know if I have to boil it down it's sort of a this way to reform society in in sort of this Christian dominion S. law it you know it if if society collapse so this document leaked to the media call the biblical basis for war and that said that in this new society you know things like abortion and same sex marriage would be banned and that if people didn't get in line on that very had permission to quote kill all males and so that was a tribute into Shea and you know I think a lot of politicians if something like that came out with the trash their name they might say you know I had nothing to do with that but the fact that she said yes I did write that Leah I want to go bright back into match J. in a simple question is this man dangers I mean that's a difficult question for me to answer I think that he has participated and and been in cahoots as they say with a lot of people who are considered dangerous to what the the nature of this report that hundred neat page report that just came out last week that was commissioned by both Republicans and Democrats in the legislature what sort of hit two SS you know how close these connections were between Matt Shea and people in you know anti government militia groups and people who have threatened to commit violence against liberal protesters yeah and the the the the authors of the report found that they conclude that he participated in acts of domestic terrorism just because there putting it out over the years is that he absolutely and you know very close with lots of the of the militia groups that want to see you now our violence committed against people against the government yeah okay now so the sheriff over there in Spokane county says that he's worried that arresting match a would lead to an armed standoff and this is a guy who keeps getting reelected he said he's had six terms now in office he's been stripped of all his his caucus duties and and and they're trying to do everything but yet he keeps popping up and it's like no one can stop and why is that he said there's no way he'll resign and I think that what what we have here is that it's a pretty interesting situation on our hands and that there are a lot of people in Spokane valley Washington which is you know a different placement Spokane that still really support him because they see him that maybe yes he does pal around with these groups that are considered dangerous and and what not but they they see him as a Christian number one and so if they have a Christian in office then perhaps that he's he's doing what they want one had to do and I think it's interesting that you bring up sherry are sure I'll be connected at you over there in Spokane county that guy's the super super conservative guy and he has been one of the loudest voices saying for years that Shea and dangerous in fact in an interview a couple of years ago he told me that he thought that he might be killed by someone involved with shaking out the sheriff himself might be killed we had a terrible I believe that he did it he had had tons of death threats and thought he he told me on record that he thought that he could be it could be a match and camp that commit violence against them the sheriff says that there are enough criminal charges I'm enough there's enough evidence for domestic terrorism and treason and it said the FBI has now been contacted regarding this situation yeah that sounds about right and and I think that the the document that you're looking at includes a lot of other details about the other folks that that Shea has been planning be sort of you know takeovers and that kind of thing where and and includes a lot of people with some pretty radical ideas we're joined here by Lee S. the telly she is host of the Bundy bill podcast and we're having a conversation about the representative Matt Shea over there from the Spokane valley over there what I wanted to trans transition to is is far as what he believes about religion how does religion and its role in government have anything to do with each other yeah it's interesting there's a lot of interviews out there with matching where he he talks pretty openly about how he doesn't believe there should be a separation between church and state that his interpretation of things is that that's not what the founding fathers actually intended on he also for you his platform as a politician as an elected official as a missionary platform that he sees it as his way of getting his version of Christianity out there you know and it's also important to you understand that when he talks about being a Christian he also is someone who started the first chapter of acts for America in eastern Washington which is an anti Muslim hate group so he his version of Christianity is that this is a Christian nation and that Christians are in charge okay all the all the reports all the papers all the opinions the accusations at all the sheriff saying he wants to know by the way if I had a quarter of this being said about me no I would be in jail what is it Matt Shea in jail that's a great question I think you know in and even then it's reported it's really interesting because they is that the investigators say that he committed acts of domestic terrorism however the the event that he isn't and what's involved in in twenty fourteen and the bad and twenty sixteen in Oregon those were not trained as acts of domestic terrorism in federal court so I think that it's it's a matter of priorities and charges but also I think it's really at the end of the day on his constituents on the voters of Spokane valley to stay in a way what what what miss Jenkins is saying this is maybe not what we're about and the third thing part okay so I don't know that he's been caught in some sort of illegal activity but he's certainly been a part of a lot of it that was Lisa Tilly host of the Bundy feel podcasts now let's get a check on the traffic.

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