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Fifty Broncos get a win twenty three to twenty over the Chargers on Brandon McManus is field goal of fifty three yarder with no time left they finally get one the Broncos do on the last play after the game Dave Logan spoke with head coach Rick Fangio brought to us by a marriage dark casino resort spa black off congratulations you guys started off he started off good sort of bog down but you found a way to win a game and I'm sure that as to please you I first want to gradually you Dave on your big win this past thank you coach pre sheet that what was your question again that you you found a way to have really found when a fricking game you know I'm saying it's gonna make you feel great to see that happen yeah it does you know these guys been playing their **** off all year you know and that with a lot of the results that we want but I'm grateful for these guys out of them I want to ask you because Brenda McManus reference the miss in Minnesota that was a tough miss from forty three yards out any hit in this fourth quarter the first from fifty two in the last one with no time left from fifty three to really big kicks by him in the fourth absolutely and that's what we expect from Brandon he's one of the most talented kickers in the league and when I saw it was fifty three I knew he was going to make it all right good good cop is there final thought what did you think of drew locks first NFL start I thought he did fine you know obviously there was some good throws in good catches by the guys but I I think more importantly really that T. operated well within the offense and handled the huddled that look like he was out of place and he should do nothing but get better moving forward good deal congratulations Vic thank that's a coach Vic Fangio with Dave Logan brought to us by marriage dark casino resort spa black coffee urn as you play with my choice and a marriage to a casino Black Hawk knew my choice members get a guaranteed.

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