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WCCO the Minnesota Twins present classic game today will go back to being two of the nineteen ninety one World Series between the twins and the Atlanta Braves winter of one game to none after winning five two behind Jack Morrison in game two it was Kevin tapping against NL cy young winner Tom Glavin for the Braves the game was a nail biter all the way through with a late home runs to decide that the game would become famous thanks to twins first baseman Canterbury getting tangled up with the Braves won game in the ensuing call by first base umpire drew cold use game two of the nineteen ninety one World Series with John Gordon in the voice of the twins well everybody and welcome to game number two of the nineteen ninety one World Series the twins and the Atlanta Braves looks like we're going to get an early start tonight in contrast to last night Kevin halfpenny against lefty Tom Glavin tonight well a first pitch of game number two outside from Kevin tapi on the pitch although the first base line one ball one strike on the way you some three minutes early tonight after an eight minute delay in last night's game so the keeping us guessing as far as the starting time of the first page Kevin Tapani one sixteen a lost nine during the season now the one on one counseling off man Lonnie Smith the outside temperature fifty five degrees seventy degrees inside that all five five outside seven oh inside and Kevin halfpenny who had one loss and one no decision of the American League Championship Series against the blue jays Lonnie Smith number twenty seven the Braves designate all four three in last night's game there's a line to buy Japanese on the pitch on a low fastball hit high gear down the right field line drifting towards out file line that it is Powerball diving attempt by Shane Mack but the ball landed just piled out of the right field corner burger durable trying to update the line up for you Lonnie Smith is leading Opry's the DH batting second and playing at third base Terry Pendleton batting third in center fielder Ryan.

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