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Five at the survivor inquiry but he did and kate massey with veteran dini read very well and claim foul on pearson station but it was not if somebody else did as well there were two. I think there were to who claims foul but pure sensation with paco aboard paco sweeping the graded stakes that that guerrero trainees eighty spun to run the and if you didn't see the smart jolts there were a couple of races of people did not see this weekend i guarantee just because there was so much action action and the smarty jones at smarty paraded yesterday and if you didn't see the pictures of pat chapman then just the just the light had to be on hand and you could just tell it was a really nice scene at parks marks and you got to be a little careful when you when you get these veteran stallions or retirees and you put the saddle on them and you start parading him. They get keyed up right that that all of a sudden they get on their toes. It doesn't matter it doesn't no matter that they're sixteen years old or fifty whatever it is they they know they remember spun to rug though the hard spun colt if you go back to the haskell juan carlos guerrero was sky high hi on spun to run and his coming to hand broke his maiden in june january excuse me and yeah then an allowance when he pointed him for the haskell got a placement behind the heavy ads maximum security and mutual gustavo and and then targeted this and the pennsylvania derby and this is a really nice game or any out gamed great magician and you know a great magician is not maximum security. He's not even muccio guzzo but he's he's okay. He's a mid ninety s you know grade to grade three stakes type and it looked like it looked like great magician had him at paco perseveres and spun to run pull that race up <hes> it it's terrific and then of course there was the juliette <hes> foxtrot the john baby that was out of this world and then a race that i guarantee you has somehow gone gone under the radar but you had the the florida stallion races the florida sire series races at gulfstream on saturday and we got to reach out to ralph checks because ralph with the the upset liam's lucky charm and if you've not seen this <hes> i you you are missing out because chance it the saffy joseph who went off at less than two to five that the two of them hook up and it is out of this world and the leaves lucky charm mm-hmm prevails really a for mr campbell and try to get get the video. I'll find the link because when i caught up with it i was i was like wow look at this and the thing that alerted me leaves lucky job comes out of this with a ninety ninety one buyer this was in the affirmed the girls race to give you an idea see sees valentina. He came out with a forty eight so leaves lucky jarvis perform bits and chance it they they were eighteen lanks. I had of the third-place miniature yep so a couple of nights two year olds down in south florida gorda <hes> at this time of the year and of course speaking of south florida <hes> things knock on wood <hes> i it the bahamas ms weren't spared but <hes> i have not seen what the storm is doing this morning but <hes> i checked in with chuck simon at one point last night and chuck say well. We're going out to dinner dinner. We bear chuck seven barely got. They barely got a thunderstorm..

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